TIF in Chicago Austin Neighborhood Chicago

Austin Civic Organization is in a fight against Loretto Hospital. Lets face it, the Austin neighborhood is in terrible condition. The Austin Neighborhood is the prime example of what the Millenium Park is not. I met with a brilliant man with passion to make a difference. His name is James T. Smith. He is picketing Loretto Hospital as they intend to receive a TIF benefit of 46 million and 98 million dollars. As I have discovered in the past, everything with the Daley organization is not in black or white. Mr. Smith wants the money used for Austin schools that are in disrepair. The school system is a wreck and the Chicago Public Schools Performance Assessment testify the results of Arnie “Herman Munster” Duncan failures. Contact James T. Smith at sowyouthoutreach.tripod.com or call 1-773-626-1451. TIFs are in need of investigation by the F.B.I. Patrick McDonough