Chicago Frank Coconate Hearing May 4, 2006

Frank Coconate, Terrence Brunner, and Frank Avila.jpg
Pictured is Frank Coconate, J. Terrence Brunner, and Frank Avila. Today was a long day for Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner Brian Murphy. As I sum up the testimony, I attempt to take into account what is in the Chicago Taxpayer best interest. After reviewing the last two days testimony of Brian Murphy, I cannot see how this made the Department any better. I think this hearing just brought more attention to it, and provided more liability to the Chicago Taxpayer. This hearing is dragging on for months and months, which is not good for anyone. The two Chicago Lawyers (Kerry Jewell and Lee Ferron) were drinking bottled water and gave bottled water to Brian Murphy. Murphy’s assistant was in back with me drinking bottled Crystal Geyser. Dasani and Crystal Geyser were chosen. Patrick McDonough was drinking good old Chicago Tap Water as I did not want to get fired like a Miller truck driver drinking a budweiser!!! Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Frank lost his job at the Hearing. What a shame, another loafer lost his job.

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