Chicago Shoring Safety Upgrades May 10, 2006

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The Central District Department of Water Management, City of Chicago, and Chicago Safety Department started what is hopefully the first of a series of classes on Shoring Safety. The Shoring chosen by Chicago Water and Sewer Departments is a “PRO-TEC” Trench Shield. The ModSeries. Great start to avoid accidents and expensive lawsuits against Chicago Taxpayers. It was met with some moaning and groaning but was accepted after workers saw it was not to difficult to assemble. Mr. James LoVerde (A greatly respected Superintendent) said he wants to keep the system assembled and than dropped into the excavation to save time. (Brilliant) I am only concerned with assembly due to pinching hazards, I suggest leather gloves. In Chicago tradition, some parts turned up missing and the Adjustable spreaders would not work. However, it is a move in the right direction, and even though the company has no distribution stores in Chicago, this is a winner. I also suggest painting ugly colors to avoid theft in after market. Photo by Patrick McDonough. (Note the I.G. did not take my camera).

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  1. In response to the article on the “no bid” box emergency purchase by the city.It sure was’nt a no bid on our part.I know that purchasing had at least 3 other vendors involved in the quoting process of the shoring equipment and the price the city paid was extremely competitive.

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