Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team Aqua Skiers vs. Don Jean Bay Snobs

I hope we all know when Clout Lawyers and those lake Johnny Come Lately Snots like the Kochlefl’s decide to come in and start trouble with a great tradition like the Lauderdale Lakes Aqua Skiers need a looking into by Media. Thank you to Chicago Fox News for helping get the story out. I also thank Ms. Black of the Chicago Tribune for the front page article ‘The Battle of Don Jean Bay’. I also thank Mike Heine of the Janesville Gazette for telling the ski team side of the story. My wife a former member of the ski team, a Baywood Estate member, is totally for the Ski Team. I agree, and will look into some of the rats taking away good honest fun. If you wish to watch the team and yell obscenities at the Johnny come lately trouble makers, I will have you on my boat next weekend, and to watch the skiers perform. Photos by Patrick McDonough.

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