Fighting with Richard Pacheco is Exhausting in Chicago Water Department

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Richard Pacheco was in a verbal disagreement with an Operating Engineer last Friday. On August 7, 2006, Richard was removed from his crew because he had a different idea on work ethics than the Chicago Department of Water Management in the North District. On August 8, 2006, this picture was taken of the Operating Engineer that convinced the bosses Richard Pacheco is a trouble maker. Is that Phil Sandberg? I can testify that Richard Pacheco worked very hard for Chicago every day. Hey North District, I am still down in the Central District, man those guys are hard workers. Patrick McDonough.

Department of Water Management Sore Neck Update

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Please remember, if you need a Chiropractor get one. Fighting with fellow workers will put a kink in your neck. Richard Pacheco wants to get back to his old crew but he will need to wait a couple of weeks due to an argument with an Operating Engineer. Photo taken August 8, 2006.

City of Chicago Payroll Scandal Update August 7, 2006

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The City of Chicago Office of the Comptroller started a new system to monitor the attendance of City of Chicago personnel at the Central District. The new model is a Recognition Systems Handpunch 3000. This should reduce the amount of time sheet fraud that the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has experienced in the Chicago Newspapers. Tom Bailey from the Chicago Department of Finance helped get the system hooked up. Tom is a 11th ward guy watching the City’s money. (Daley covers his bases!!!). Biometric technology is used. Some Chicago city workers were upset as they are worried about the system taking away their freedoms. Well, I suggest you do not vote for Daley again. I saw a large film or residue on the machine where people’s hands are placed. We were also issued a paper that explained the safety of the scanners, which is all bullshit. We city workers work in Human Waste on a daily basis. Not every Chicago City workers cleans their hand properly, and the paperwork stated the city policies detailing the cleaning the cleaning of door knobs will be enforced on the machine. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE DOORKNOBS OF CHICAGO CLEANED?

Carla Brookman Alderman Fifth Ward Des Plaines Illinois. Clout.

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I have not seen many politicians that have ever impressed me to the extent of Carla Brookman. When I asked my friends in the suburbs who they think is the most honest and forthright politician in Illinois, one name came up, time and time again. Carla Brookman has more clout and political muscle in the suburbs than any other politician hands down. Carla exposed some corruption in Des Plaines which led to some of Chicago’s Inspector General tactics of Residency Violations. Residency Violations are a grab bag last ditch effort to ruin peoples lives when you have no ethical or moral violations. Alderman Brookman stood up against privatization of Des Plaines Municipal Services, a problem with Mayor Daley’s Administration. Carla’s husband is a well respected and honored Des Plaines Fireman. Photo with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough and David Madlener. Carla gets a Clout rating, highest moral and ethical governmental Clout Rating. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Cook County Commissioner Carl R. Hansen August 6, 2006

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One gentleman of Republican Politics is Cook County Commissioner Carl R. Hansen. He gave a very nice speech today and due to his honesty was asked to pick the winners of a raffle. He is pictured with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough. Commissioner Hansen is known for his service to country and Cook County, he is a honest public servant. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Jerry Sadler and Gary Skoien Chicago Clout G.O.P. Family Picnic August 6, 2006

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I was invited to check out some Republicans at the Family Picnic at Busse Woods in the Suburbs. One of the persons that really cracked me up is Gary Skoien. He put reward money up to any Whistleblower that would rat out Mayor Daley or John Daley. The Daley family was very offended at the reward money. It was an insult. Oh well, the Fed’s are cleaning out that rat nest, saving Gary $10,000.00 dollars. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Caulker Position Update

I am happy to report I got a phone call from a diligent worker in the Chicago Department of Human Resources at 6:16 p.m. today… informing me the Bid Submission date will be a full 14 days from the posting date of August 4, 2006. I hope and pray every laborer takes the time to make a complete and thorough application. Also please remember to attach a RESUME. A RESUME is different from the application. Go to your local Chicago library to get samples of a professional looking resume. The Caulker position will help your family live a better life. Also if you get this position you will be eligible for night school classes at Plumber’s Local 130 so you can get a formal education on Water Safety. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Hiring and Promotion Scandals Update

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Here we go again. One of the most political positions in the Chicago Department of Water Management is a Caulker. This position pays the same amount of money as a Licensed Plumber. However, the position does not require a Plumber’s Licence. This is a coveted promotion that moves laborers on to bigger and better opportunities. Chicago Water Bid number 088060065 dated July 27, 2006 was issued to Chicago Department of Human Resources on August 3, 2006 per Diane Angeletti. (312-744-4976) The bid was not issued to Chicago Department of Water Management Employees until August 4, 2006 in the afternoon. Which means Chicago City workers have about two working days to decide if, they want the job, can prepare the documentation, and file by the deadline of August 9, 2006. This late notice is the oldest trick in the book that allows the favored a heads up to prepare. This is a violation of Shakman Decree and business as usual at the Chicago Department of Water Management. Marilyn Fitzpatrick at the Chicago Department Department of Human Resources and Ron Huberman’s secretary, Lajuana Green, (744-6246) of Mayor Daley’s Office is looking into this. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team Update July 29, 2006

Please look at our prior posts and try to help this ski team that is family oriented. Most of the fathers on this team are with their children and show class values. If you have a couple of extra dollars to spare, use your money wisely and help this group pay the sky high gas bills. many people on the lake have made signs to support the Lauderdale Lakes Wisconsin Ski Team, and so should you. An by the way, one of the families starting trouble with the ski team are a pain in the ass back in Illinois also. They want to start marches to Lake Michigan so we live in the “Eco” friendly way they want. I guess “Eco Friendly” is fine if the rules apply to others. Tell the trouble makers to sell their gas guzzling boats, SUV’s, Cars and Summer Homes, and just leave people alone.