Carla Brookman Alderman Fifth Ward Des Plaines Illinois. Clout.

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I have not seen many politicians that have ever impressed me to the extent of Carla Brookman. When I asked my friends in the suburbs who they think is the most honest and forthright politician in Illinois, one name came up, time and time again. Carla Brookman has more clout and political muscle in the suburbs than any other politician hands down. Carla exposed some corruption in Des Plaines which led to some of Chicago’s Inspector General tactics of Residency Violations. Residency Violations are a grab bag last ditch effort to ruin peoples lives when you have no ethical or moral violations. Alderman Brookman stood up against privatization of Des Plaines Municipal Services, a problem with Mayor Daley’s Administration. Carla’s husband is a well respected and honored Des Plaines Fireman. Photo with Patrick, David, and Michael McDonough and David Madlener. Carla gets a Clout rating, highest moral and ethical governmental Clout Rating. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. HEY PAT,NICE PICTURES,Looks like alot of fun was had by all.thanks for all your hard work and dedication,and good luck,If I lived in the city i would vote for you.But thank GOD i dont.Also nice picture of Mrs.Brookman,And my man DAVE(the mad digitty dog)Madlener

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