City of Chicago Payroll Scandal Update August 7, 2006

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The City of Chicago Office of the Comptroller started a new system to monitor the attendance of City of Chicago personnel at the Central District. The new model is a Recognition Systems Handpunch 3000. This should reduce the amount of time sheet fraud that the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has experienced in the Chicago Newspapers. Tom Bailey from the Chicago Department of Finance helped get the system hooked up. Tom is a 11th ward guy watching the City’s money. (Daley covers his bases!!!). Biometric technology is used. Some Chicago city workers were upset as they are worried about the system taking away their freedoms. Well, I suggest you do not vote for Daley again. I saw a large film or residue on the machine where people’s hands are placed. We were also issued a paper that explained the safety of the scanners, which is all bullshit. We city workers work in Human Waste on a daily basis. Not every Chicago City workers cleans their hand properly, and the paperwork stated the city policies detailing the cleaning the cleaning of door knobs will be enforced on the machine. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE DOORKNOBS OF CHICAGO CLEANED?

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  1. Remember when the knuckleheads had us ride the trucks and everyone was constantly sick? Here we go again.

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