Cook County Domestic Relations Division Advocates

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I enjoyed speaking with (from left) Grace, Rose, and Miriam. They are fighting toward “Justice for our Children”. Many people do not understand just how difficult it is to get your family out of the Cook County Court System when accusations are made regarding your handling of your children. I am for the defense of our children at all costs, but when you are in this system, it will be a long time before you get out. It is scary. You could make a mistake of judgement and find yourself bankrupt trying to get your kids back from the State. To understand more on this issue go to a rally October 5, 2006 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. James Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph Chicago to learn more. or go to While you are at this rally, tell the Daley Administration you are not happy with all the Clout and Corruption. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Thank you for being one of the very few who have the courage to actually post anything in regards to the corrupt family court system in Illinois.

  2. I would also like to thank you for your part in expressing to the outside world exactly what is going on in the Family Division of the Cook-County Courthouse.
    I myself, have been held captive for several years in a case within this courthouse and can not get out due to certain agents/reporters of the court who stand to gain monetarily by keeping my family in Divorce and Custody proceedings for adsolutely no logical reason other than the fact that that it is easy for them to “Create” a case and then “Drag it out” so they keep it “Ongoing”.
    Thus far, it has only served to cause a lot of pain and sorrow in too many families and all the while, money keeps rolling into their pockets.
    We have been forced out of our homes and jobs. We endure “Fickle Court Orders” that can not be relied upon as more than chicken scrawl, as at any given moment the Childrens attorney (G.A.L) can step in and demand any illogical change they so desire!!
    We are forced to pay these Children’s Attorneys for absolutely nothing at all as it appears to be “all about creating jobs”.
    They do not know our children and yet, they will “Dictate” and “Rule” simply, because they can.
    By keeping us in the system it is against all “The best Interests of the Children”.
    Certain agents or reporters of the court are becoming lucrative once they have dishonestly created a “Highly Conflictual Custody Case”. These words alone are enough to scare me away but there is such a thing as “Making something sound good” and God forgive me but I must tell you it is not us as the parents making these descisions, it is all up to these people. Like “a wolf in sheeps clothing” these Children’s attorneys (or G.A.L.s) love to cry from the highest mountain-top the folowing words “Oh, Your Honour, this is a Highly Conflictual Custody Case “!. This is another, of their favorite “slogans” and there will not even have been one “Court Motion” entered into court by the father for custody.
    It will be pure “Hype” and you are helpless in many ways as the Judge will not second guess a Children”s attorney (G.A.L.).
    As heartless and cold blooded as this sounds this is what is going on and it could be any one of us and every one needs to know as this could be your own daughter or wife innocently dragged into the same “wicked game”.
    The court is such a “Powerful Front” for what we normally consider to be “Moral and Just” that we are deemed helpless.
    By sending the unfortunates who have had no other choice but to desolve their marriages into more upcoming years of stress and heartache is unfair and it is our duty to educate them of the inhuman truths that lye within the inner workings of our Justice system known as the Domestic Relations branch of Cook County.
    We as true moral family oriented people need to unite and work together so nobody makes money off of our childrens pain and suffering.
    Over twenty years ago we experienced the “GreyLord Investigations” and since then we experienced the Catholic Church scandal with abuse of justice faith and our children. Currently, we have been confronted with the news of Congressman Patrick Foley, attempting to molest the very same young and innocent children he was placed in power to protect.
    This is, the epitemy of evil. He took advantage of our faith in Justice and Morality and he also had this same “Powerful Front” that would lead us to dismay and disbelief.
    Is it also an apparent fact that some of the same type of people who have been placed in power to protect our children in our own city are commiting the worst form of child abuse there is by literally ripping children away from “loving and protective mothers” as well as everything else that was once familiar and dear to them?

    This is all commited under the guise of our faith in Justice and Morals from a “Power Front” known as the “The Justice System”.

    The consequences of their actions are that, some of our children have become suicidal and others are crying at night for their mothers.
    This does not come into play with these people who sleep on pillow top matress on the money that once was our childrens trust funds for college.
    Every criminal justifies what they can get away with and I declare that, this has up to now been the “Perfect Crime” through our family court system and is designed to set us up like “lambs going to the slaughter” as it is all done under the very abused slogan of “In the Best Interests of the Children”. For example, when you are ordered by a Judge to retain an attorney for your children it is a natural assumption that they would all serve in the “Best Interests of your Children”. After all we are all taught that the courts are all about justice. Who would it ever occur to that there would be any injustices dished out AGAINST the “Best Interests of Any Child”?
    Also, the normal protocal is for a Children’s attorney to have the Judge order in a second party such as some type of evaluator. This evaluator will be called in for some reason or another and you will be ordered to pay them too. These evaluators are co-workers of the childrens attorneys and WHAMO! Now, you are a victim of the court.
    Next thing more and more mothers are now being forced to pay another co-worker of the G.A.L called a supervised-visitation expert.
    It is a lovely little working community within the court-house and a very tightly-knit little group who pay their mortgages and buy their cars on the pain of our children.
    Until the day comes when they do not stand to gain a monetary windfall then, this is the day when good mothers will walk away with their children and daddys give their children some quality of life after/post divorce.
    I must say that there may be a few well intentioned agents/reporters for the court but we can not see them as they are involved in a raqueteering enterprise and the court has officiated all of this as a pattern of common practise.
    It is only after a G.A.L. feigns and creates an actual custody case (where there are none)does the Dominoe effect occur.
    Personally, I originally blame those G.A.L.s who deliberately create the term “Highly Conflictual Custody Cases” (where there are none) and from there involve their splinter-groups.(co-workers).

    With the overabundance of Attorneys and Therapists looking for jobs and living below the bread line should it be a divorcees responsibilty to keep them in a job????

    The evidence is in… that this tightly knit circle of agents of the court consist of basically the same G.A.L.s, Therpists, and supervisors for visitation.
    This is devastating news as well as further proof of what we are forced to endure as well as the “abuse of Justice and Power” literally destructing our families as we once considered the definition of family to mean.
    Charity begins at home and the consequences of this behaviour has lent to history repeating itself with “abuse of power and control” and some of our children have suffered forms of terrorism such as being dragged from their beds in sheer terror away from their mothers and solely because a Children attorney told the Judge she did not want the case to be over and brings in a “biast” Therapist report (from her own comrade) as the “Silver Bullet” or “Rubber Stamp” that just erradicates all of these children from their mothers.
    This certain group of people know who they are and since they worship money over their abused slogan “In the Best Interests of the Children” I will make this letter annonomous.
    So far, we have been forced to sell our homes and our childrens Trustfunds simply to pay these people whatever they demand.
    There have been too numorous jobs created within the divorce court and everyone is trying to make a fast buck and find their “niche” in society but wrong is wrong is wrong.
    As moral and family oriented people have always been under the belief that a good mother allways keeps her children in a divorce and if she loses her children then she must be have done something to warrant this. No such a thing!
    This is the opposite now and this is part of the perfect crime that is being commited right under our very noses in this year of 2006.
    I am only one mother of many and I would say it like this, 1+1=2 which is as such, by ripping the mother away from the child then that mother will live and give until the day she dies fighting to be near her children and there is your answer on, “How to keep a case ongoing”.

    It is a win win situation for the courts as it is apparant to any onlooker that, these mothers would sell everything they own just to stay in their children lives.
    It is not surprising that our moms who have lost their children all had assets to desolve.
    Joan of Arc



    Are we in these UNITED STATE OF AMERICA? ARE WE INTERESTED IN HOW WE ARE PERCEIVED BY THE WORLD? The latest Judge Shield’s victim’s grandparents are holocaust survivors, only to be subjected to holocaust in the US because the officers of the court have found a way to enjoy a lucrative living, which can only be achieved by using LITTLE CHILDREN AS COMMODITY IN TRADE – THEY CANNOT PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR PROTECTIVE PARENTS MUST DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO PAY RANSOM OF UPWARD OF $250,000 TO THE Court Taliban Cartel, or they do not see their children until they grow up, are subjected to jail terms for not being able to pay (other countries abolished debtors prisons a couple of centuries ago), and this is all done under the radar.

    I lost family members during, and my mother as a consequence of the holocaust. My husband was born in Iraq, where non-Muslims suffered various forms of persecution. He narrowly escaped hanging for being the American Supporter. We came to America believing that democracy is a birth right of every person. I can say that both my husband’s and my family contributed to those democratic efforts. My family protected those the Nazis were hunting at great expenses to themselves, because they believed in democracy. Yet, in these United States we are subjected by none other than the Court, the state paid officers of the Court, to treatment equaling the Nazi SS and Joseph Mengele. What makes it even worse, is that this is done for profit. These so called officers of the Court are running a profitable cottage industry at the expense of little, helpless children, and are so powerful that even the Attorney General, the US Attorney and the FBI are afraid of them.

    Please check the following websites – the content is disturbing, but may prompt you to behave AS AN AMERICAN, a champion of human rights and justice:


    Myra Max
    Community Activist
    Hear Voices of Children

    Illinois Coalition for Family Court Reform

    Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates

    J.A M.

  4. Well said, as far as a description of the “gripping pain” felt in the hearts of all mothers and children who are snatched from each others lives simply to provide a “JOB” for these Officers of the court.
    If the average person had any iota of the terrorist tactics decent families are forced to endure in the family courthouse they would be shocked and appalled.
    Last time I looked I was not a criminal but an innocent Divorcee will be treated worse then a felon in this “Terror Court” and this is a verifiable.
    In too numerous to mention cases a pedophile in a criminal court has more rights to see their children in comparison to a protective, loving and clean living Mother.
    I am sick to my stomach that a handful of self righteous bureaucrats make a living from the PAIN AND SUFFERING of mothers and children.
    The only way they can profit is to “break the bond” so that they can be assured that the mother will be forced to keep “paying into the system”. These Officers of the court “are” the “system” and have piggybacked off our children’s pain for far too long!
    What a bunch of “Phonies” as they whore out the slogan “In the best Interests of the Children”.
    Children’s attorneys and their friends, “the friendly evaluator” are invited to come forward and show us citizens that you can actually justify your niche in society with JUST ONE CASE WHERE YOU HAVE NOT PROFITED AND PERPETUATED UPON THE MISFORTUNE OF OUR FAMILIES.
    You are welcome but no matter how hard you try you will only “BLUFF” your way through as too many families are uniting and catching on to your “Opportunist Game”.
    You may have a warrant to intervene with a criminal parent in criminal court but we are nice people who had to get a Divorce and that is all!
    There is no room in our families for your intrusion and invasions. We, as parents are a better Judge of “ALL THE BEST INTERESTS OF OUR CHILDREN”!
    You have put us out of our homes and forced the loss of our children but, through wise and caring family orientated people such as, “Patrick McDonagh” we will let the “Cat Out Of The Bag”!!
    This world is still fundamentally “MORAL” and to come between mothers and children is the most heinous and sickest crime of them all.
    #1 You Officers of the court have full reign over both the courts decisions and our children’s lives.
    #2 You Officers of the court are payed well by sucking the quality from our own children’s lives.
    #3 It is an unnecessary job that you have created for yourselves within the Domestic Relations Division of Cook County.
    #4 Parental rights are violated with your interference and you are renowned for creating “Illusions of an “All Encompassing Custody Battle” where there “ARE NONE”.
    #5 You are proven to chose the same “evaluators” over and over again to act as a “RUBBER STAMP” for your shallow and biased opinions that are based on
    a) Sheer Hearsay on your part.
    b) Designer allegations on your part if you have a personal vendetta or have no morals (which you do not) or just an arrogant ignorance about you that is forever present but can not be explained. Let’s face it you are not a happy looking bunch of blood curdling people when your eyeing up your next victim.
    These cases where our cases (which would have had a speedy ending for the sake of our children) and you manipulated our cases into your own personal A.T.M. machine!
    There is a defence for you Officers of the court and it is as follows, The “Judge Appoints us” and “We are virtually immune from prosecution of the law which further compounds our powerful intrusion”.
    Our children’s happiness and futures are substantially more important then our concern over you “Having a Job”.
    We will go to Legislature to rid your encumbrance to a settlement between two parents and their “right to agree” and “joint parent” their own children.
    I honestly have to laugh when I am only too familiar with the fact that you have the ability to keep us hostage in the system for years on end and do not even know what our children look like. Yet, if ANYONE where to ask you why you are involved in the case your response would be as follows, “For the best Interests of the children”. You should cut your tongue out!(not literally but get the message).
    You are a useless entity in the family court system and I am saying this through the experience of a “Children’s Representative who threatened to take my children from me and swore that she could do this and further stated that I am “TO WATCH HER DO IT”!!
    She has a chip on her shoulders as her superiors pulled her up and put her in her place regarding her Harassment and Unethical threats regarding my children.
    “I” as a mother never did anything at all to warrant losing four beautiful children EXCEPT to unknowingly knock a Children’s Representative off her high horse.
    The mind Boggles!
    We have another children’s representative who is married and rumoured by the Gay Community to be living “In the Closet”. He likes to take young boys away from their mothers. Is this a coincidence?
    There are no coincidences or accidents in court!
    We have another Children’s Representative who has gone after a “Protective” Grandmother” for her home and assets as her young daughter just can not contribute fees to her child’s attorney (Fees for a job, not needed).
    If you want to talk “Corruption” lets talk the “Evaluators” who are introduced into our cases by these same children’s representatives and actually have “all” held monthly meetings in Judges Chambers to discuss how to “throw more work in each others general direction” and how to take the next steps to “keep these unsuspecting families in further litigation.”
    They never mention that the consequences of their meetings are stealing our children’s youth and instilling pain and mistrust into our babies.
    I imagine that they all love to sound important and hear themselves talk and probably believe that they have reached their epitome of life while passing around photographs of their new homes.
    These parasites feed their own selfish needs and will not allow themselves to see the destruction they create in the future.
    I would never begrudge a hard worker but I would clean toilets before I would buy a home on the “blood money” of some poor innocent child who has lost a home and a mother, etc. JUST so I could make my down payment.
    How do you all sleep at night?
    You can obviously attempt to Justify and Justify some more but wrong is wrong is wrong!!!
    When you are forcing young children to have a life of misery and you ignore the rights and concerns of “protective mothers” you are, in my opinion lower then a pedophile as a pedophile is mentally sick. On the other hand, you wear your business suits and hover around the court house, “setting respectable mothers up” months and years before they will know what hit them.
    “You were caught meeting in Judges chambers”!!!!!! This brings us to the Judge!!!
    What kind of a Judge would allow such destruction and kayos of the American Family Unit??
    I will pose this question to the reader to ponder upon and come up with your own answers.
    I will give you a hint these Judges are called “The friendly Judge”.

    Call: 1-877-jam-hunt.


    Also, don’t forget Ayala’s children at
    Ayala, was just in the hospital for Pneumonia with all the stress of her young children being used as animals.
    Ayala, I will always look out for your daughters and pray that in strength of numbers we will eradicate all “WHITE COLLAR CHILD ABUSE”

  5. i write to you today with the bleeding heart! i am in front of judge moshe jacobius,the dictator!!!!!!!
    i had done nothing wrong to my wife when i caught her in bed with another man!she filled the papers downtown chicago,the judge has tried to get me to sell me home my assets to give to her without a chance for me to doing anything about it!! can you help me with an appeal to spingfield in any way!
    or call me if you can!!

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