Dan Miller of Chicago Sun-Times Speaks out

Dan Miller.jpg
September 28, 2006 at Tom Roeser’s class. Dan Miller is a business columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. This picture of Dan is blurred as I have never found a speaker that had so much knowledge to impart, and was determined to get it out in record speed. Dan Miller was jumping around so fast I was very uncomfortable. Dan was also with the Illinois Commerce Commission and Crain’s Chicago Business. I enjoyed many of the things Dan had to say, but I disagreed on many points of view he had. Mayor Daley and his Administration’s Clout and Corruption Tax is a tax many Chicago businesses accept as a cost of doing business in Chicago. Dan had many conflicting points of view and will see one issue one way, than another issue another. My head was spinning after he was done and I did not get to enjoy a point counter point. Aspirin please. Photo by Patrick McDonough.