Chicago 48th Ward Alderman Chris Lawrence

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I must say on a selfish note, I am very impressed with the next Alderman of the 48th Ward Chris Lawrence. Chris has what it takes to bring the last 16 years of predictable politics as usual, to an end. I met Chris at our local coffee shop on Broadway tonight, Coffee Chicago, a local hangout for political types. Many people do not understand the “Team 48” that control the local political process with an iron grip. Chris is very knowledgeable and Mary Ann Smith will meet the superior candidate soon. Chris is needed, as the TIF programs are benefiting insiders, and local politicians war chests. Chris is a War Hero with a bronze star, an American War Veteran. Dear 48th Ward, please take a close look at Chris Lawrence and give him your support. email Also Chris is getting his web site up and running soon visit Chris will go to bat for Chicago City Workers, and find ways to resolve the Corruption and Clout. Chicago City Workers support Chris Lawrence.

]]>I do not want to give away much of the issues this fine young man has, but I strongly urge you to go a trolley ride to hear and see the issues of the 48th Ward with Chris on November 11th, 2006, when he will officially announce his candidacy.

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  1. Hey Asshole, welcome back from serving America. We vote with our pricks in the 48th Ward.

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