Mayor Daley passes blame again to Burke

Please read an excellent article by Tim Novak.,CST-NWS-disabled21.article I hope all of us Chicago City Workers know how the Workers Compensation is run, poorly at best. Mercy Works is an outside Health care contractor that oversees the city’s interest in Chicago Workman’s Compensation Claims. The health care provided by that company is not professional. Mercy Works is part of a hospital system that has some of the highest profile politicians involved. Dan Rostenkowski, the Daley’s, and Madigan are just some of the persons assisting the Catholic System with government Funds and contracts. If a Chicago City worker gets injured you wait months for your check, the service by the agency is rude at best. Claimants are not treated with respect, get no return calls, and never can rely on the Comp Checks arrival. This is a second injury. Clout based city workers get much better treatment and better approval times, that is a fact. Patrick McDonough.