Mayor Daley Rod Blagojevich Tony Rezko Christopher Kelly

Birds of a feather, flock together. Mayor Daley signed juicy contracts for BCI Roofing, which is owned by Christopher Kelly an embroiled Blagojevich top political aide. The contract is at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The contract is not to exceed 3.8 million and is now over that amount. Five million in contracts with Mayor Daley and Chicago so far for Christopher Kelly. Guess who is the Chicago Project Manager overseeing the Airport contract? Mike Levar, is that Patrick “Phat” Levar’s brother? For the best in corruption and clout, vote for Mayor Daley again. Sorry, but I am keeping the real good stuff for court. Also keep an eye out for the overruns at Chicago O’Hare Airport, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Christopher Kelly owns BCI Commercial Roofing, Inc, They are located in Markham, Illinois. Why don’t Daley give these sweetheart deals to Chicago roofing contractors? Daley sucks.

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