Millennium Park Sex, Lies, and Pictures Massive Debt

Millennium Park The Bean.jpg
Enjoy my picture of Chicago and the World famous Bean. When Millennium Park was built, Mayor Daley told everyone, “It won’t cost the Taxpayers a Dime”. I tried to picket the Millennium Park and my family was ushered off the site. My FOIA to the City of Chicago is still ignored. Thanks to Fran Spielman for another article that cuts through Mayor Daley lies. Please read,CST-NWS-garage14.article Well I guess the Chicago Taxpayers owe 208 million on a park that birds use to crap on Mayor Daley’s “Bean”. Also Daley honored Sean “Diddy” Combs, a black man, for his high class DVD’s that show some brother’s how to treat the opposite sex as classy as Mayor Daley treats the Taxpayer. Enjoy another photo by Patrick “Deep Water” McDonough.