Chris Belz Chicago's 39th Ward Candidate Video

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On January 18, 2007, Frank Coconate hosted Issue Forum Chicago Clout Show. Please enjoy this video that will introduce you to Chris Belz, the candidate for Chicago’s 39th Ward. The 39th Ward has their hands full of many hot topics, such as Hired Truck Scandal involvement and Hiring and Promotion scams which involve Chicago’s Daley Administration. Click here to enjoy this video: This is a fun photo as we were cracking jokes and poking fun at Chris’s campaign manager prior to the taping. Bruce Randazzo, a Chicago Teamster and Chicago City Worker also joined in the show. Good luck Chris Belz. Photo by Patrick McDonough

14 Replies to “Chris Belz Chicago's 39th Ward Candidate Video”

  1. I hope every voter in the 39th ward sees this. I’ve always hoped to have a guy like this as an opponent. I also encourage everyone to check out the barely literate prose at -Jonathan Silverstein, Campaign Manager for Alderman Laurino

  2. I am glad Chris made it on TV to show his face. We need more people like this standing up to power hungry families and represent the real needs of the working class citizens of Chicago. Looks like Margie may have some trouble ahead. Keep your head up, kid.

  3. Arrogant Biatch Margie misses Huntriser. He had a big shlong dong.

    Maybe that is why she is such a #itch because insecure little Barnett can’t give it to her like her ex-husband.

  4. Wow what brillaint commentary? I see a Pulitzer Prize on this comment. With this type of in depth analysis you should replace Rich Miller at Capital Fax.

  5. Randy Barnett is really insecure because Huntriser had a huge cock and he was cheating on Margie but she secretly longs for it.

    Look into the gambling at Vosnos or the kick backs at the Admiral
    ancient ghost payrolling
    not to long ago vote fraud
    and current corruption with Hired Trucks

    The 39th Ward is a corrupt cesspool of fraud

    Sorry that Marge’s first husband had a huge cock
    They are arrogant stuck up frigid fucks

  6. Criminals and Bustouts saturate the Belz camp. What a bunch of LOSERS!!! After this election you can ALL crawl back under the rock from where you came from. Degenerates!

  7. The Vosnos has been closed for awhile. When’s the last time you’ve been in the neighborhood?

  8. Hey RealDeal, why don’t YOU BUY IT? Go start a paper route and collect bottles. It’s a good start!

  9. Did the Belz camp have fun trying to find anyone to vote for them this weekend? Oh Boy maybe he will get 30%. Sorry even Alan Keyes got that and was as bad a candidate as Belz except he was not supported by those with criminal records.

  10. Hey Belzie, what happened? 20% of the vote?

    ” If you ever even DREAM of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize! “
    ~Mohammad Ali~

  11. Hey Belzie! Is your daddy still cheating on your mommy with his clients? Maybe it’s time for sex addicts anonymous. #$^%& B$& is a scumbag lawyer, completely unethical and the whole city knows it. You can both kiss your political careers bye bye!
    You’re a bunch of inbred degenerates.

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