Terry Boyke Chicago's Candidate for Alderman Video

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Please enjoy this video of Terry Boyke as he explains his positions on the politics of Chicago’s 45th Ward. Click here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1794654996921696257 Terry was interview by Frank Coconate a Chicago political legend and Patrick McDonough the show producer. The show was made on January 18, 2007. Special thanks to Tony Joyce and the entire technical staff including Pops. Terry would make a fine Chicago Alderman and would provide the leadership the 45th Ward lacks. Photo by Patrick McDonough

7 Replies to “Terry Boyke Chicago's Candidate for Alderman Video”

  1. This is Terry’s first T.V. interview and that considered, he did a great job. Pat Levar is scared of this Aldermanic Candidate, no doubt. Good Luck Terry Boyke.

  2. Boyke has been claiming that things in the 45th Ward have been bad for years. Yet during much at that time he was an aldermanic aide to Patrick Levar. If a problem did exist, one could conclude that Boyke was part of the problem. So why consider Boyke to be the solution?

    I now live in the 45th Ward. I can’t complain at all about the job Pat Levar has done in handling the bulk of local matters. Levar has my support, as well as that of the Illinois Committee for Honest Government.

    Secretary/Treasurer, Illinois Committee for Honest Government

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  5. I thought this was a neighborhood forum for thoughtful discussion, not a juvenile outlet for trash talk. Who moderates this? Please, let’s act like mature, reasonable, INTELLIGENT adults before we spread this smut in our community.

  6. Boyke is a scumbag. I will not vote for him. He talks about delapitation and shit, yet I know people who rented from him and he put them into the biggest piece of shit hole and wouldn’t fix anything. They had rats and mice in there and they complained and he didn’t give a fuck. Just came in to collect the rent. He is a bastard and a douchebag. An oportunist. He would turn this ward into a shithole with crime and development. He lies all the time too. He would sell you out in a minute, wouldn’t even hesitate. He is the most dishonest piece of shit man I have ever seen.

  7. wow..well said! Boyke is one of the biggest losers you will ever meet, anywhere, anytime.

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