HDO's Al Sanchez Indicted today.

I wish to congratulate Frank Avila Jr. in what might become the final blow ending a ten year war. See channel 2 video, click here: http://cbs2chicago.com/local/local_story_081142205.html Frank Avila Jr. a well known Chicago Attorney also got into physical confrontations with Al and company and won court cases against these gang-bangers and political thugs. Simply stated, the HDO boys wanted all the overtime, all the promotions, all the jobs, again and again. Working in the Chicago Department of Water Management, I saw what was going on for years, filed grievances, and nothing was done. Mayor and John Daley figure into this group with no doubt in my mind at all. Frank Coconate was a victim of these power-brokers. Well every dog gets his day and I suspect if Al has any common sense he will cut a deal quick and give up the Daley Family Clan. I want to give a complement to Ron Huberman’s office on resolving a minor problem today and insisting the Central District yard continues receiving a much needed face lift. I hope all the Cable Access Shows helped the Feds as we brought out lots of information. Today I was at the Chicago Police headquarters in Chicago and wish to thank them for the wonderful experience. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. The indictment of Sanchez is a form of vindication of those handful of political figures in the Hispanic wards of Chicago who have been constantly battling HDO for years. You are right to tout young Frank Avila as one of those reform leaders. As a resident of the Pilsen neighborhood of the 25th Ward, Avila has spoken out for years against HDO and leaders like Sanchez (often when no one else was willing to do so). Avila knew what was being done to his community and to the rest of the Hispanic portions of Chicago. He had the courage to speak out out against the corruption and the political dirty tricks, and stick it out until success has been achieved.

  2. See, I told you that Frank A. is a REAL journalist!

    Live Long, Multiply and Prosper, Frank, we all need more like you!

  3. No offense to the many honest citizens of Mexico, but:

    well traveled
    March 14th – 10:48 p.m.
    the areas in the 12th ward known as ‘little mexico’ didn’t get this name for nothing.

    spend a few months in Mexico and you’ll soon realize that Chicago-style politics is tame in comparison.

    so, it’s not surprising that those transplanted natives of our southern neighbor would bring with them their particular style of political campaigning.

    the historically astute will recall hooliganism around election time as being the rule, rather than the exception.

    Sadly, the voters understand that, even though their vote is a secret, they still have to show their faces at the polling place and run the gauntlet of goons unleashed upon the neighborhood.

    and who is naive enough to have faith that their absentee vote will be applied to who they voted for, let alone counted at all?

    or maybe most of the residents of this ward are too busy dodging gangbanger crossfire and working two – three jobs, just to barely keep up with paying their rent and utilities?

    life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    some peoples’ understanding of these words are radically different than others.

    what do they mean to you?

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