Des Plaines Seniors Warn Patrice McDonough

Patrice McDonough Des Plaines.jpg
This lovely lady of 90 years went to Patrice McDonough’s “Meet and Greet”. She was picked up by Patrice on the way to the Des Plaines first of it’s kind open mike meeting. This lovely senior is also know as “Little Grandma”, and a famous resident. She warned Patrice, “Des Plaines has dirty Politics”, and “Be Careful”. Generations of hers live in this city. Well sure enough, calls were made to Patrice McDonough about her “High paid consultant”. Some jack donkey is writing the newspapers trying to take credit for Patti running the cleanest campaign ever. Remember everyone, If grandma gives you some advice, you had better listen. Well the mud slinging starts tomorrow. Also, yesterday, Des Plaines is trying to clean up it’s corruption as they fear Patrice might bring her husband’s hero, Patrick Fitzgerald in to look at Alderman Becker’s past deals. Patrick McDonough.