Little Village Discount Mall Sign in Chicago

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When you need false identification make sure you go to the 3100 block of West 26th Street in Chicago. Things will slow down for a while, but rest assured, Mayor Daley will keep looking the other way. In Chicago we call that, “Business as Usual”. As long as someone close to the top is getting a piece of the action, everyone in power will look the other way. We need to control the amount of people entering this country. We need to enforce the laws, and we need to make sure all immigrants will have a safe workplace and fair pay. In this neighborhood, I see many people that are injured and crippled, they need to be cared for. I get sick when society allows the injured no recourse, when downtown the wealthy feast like royalty. Chicago needs to get on the straight and arrow, No Justice, No Olympics. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. I’m sure those benefiting from these activities, from the ‘customers’, the ‘manufacturers’, the ‘vendors’, and those being ‘rewarded’ for ‘looking the other way’, (rewarded both in cash, campaign contributions and those oh-so-precious votes at election time), are appreciative of your encouraging, though tongue-in-cheek, recommendation concerning where to go for ‘quality’ merchandise.

    The most egregious and harmful effects of these activities is the massive voter fraud which is surely being perpetrated with the glut of fraudulent I.D.’s, ie. fraudulent ‘citizens’ registering and voting.

    What if the voter registration rolls were to be compared with current data compiled by the Social Security Administration?

    The requirements for proving identity to the S.S.A. are likely to be stringent enough to practically eliminate this type of voter fraud.

    In addition, the S.S.A. keeps track of current addresses and ‘life’ status of all participants, ie. currently employed, unemployed, disabled, retired or deceased.

    Also, those individuals who are not citizens, but have legal working status are indicated as such.

    A simple solution to a problem, albeit a ‘problem’ only to those who are not benefited by voter fraud.

  2. Ricky Munoz’s brother is on the lam for murder.

    Rickey was a LK drug dealer.

    Rickyes dad makes fake IDs

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