Promise Made Promise Kept

I will be very happy to return to the studio to make videos of work conditions with Chicago City Workers. I will of-course hope our “Star” host Frank Avila will be available. To my many friends, I am sorry it has taken so long to get the ball rolling in the studio again, this campaign cycle exposed political cockroaches in every dark corner. ChicagoClout was on hand with 50 cans of RAID bug killer. I went through every can, but I hope you enjoy the Suburban and Chicago Political stories I will share. To all the future T.V. stars, including my firemen, sorry for the wait. Patrick McDonough

2 Replies to “Promise Made Promise Kept”

  1. Keep on fighting the good fight, those ‘cockroaches’ are a hardy breed and very tough to get rid of, as they seem to multiply even as they’re being fired.

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