What they will not print in the Des Plaines Journal/Burkross News.

Please enjoy the following pictures. I am having some difficulty with my editing and photo cropping so the quality is not up to par. On Election day in Des Plaines, a group of my friends decided to give the City of Des Plaines an outing party exposing the players that hide behind walls. I decided to pay Mr. Catalano’s home polling place a visit as this Becker backed candidate needed to be finished off. I thought Becker would have been smarter to play into our hands but he was not. In the morning, the States Attorney and the State Police were called. Panic set in because the election judges never saw a group of hard core political operatives. This was my gift for the dirty political papers and false accusations made by both male candidates. I cannot stand cowards that give hand-outs with phony organization names. The States Attorney and the States Police backed everyone past the 100 foot line which gave us control of the polling place. Becker violated the restrictions multiple times as did Catalano’s assistant which was in the picture. In every case including the harassment of Elections Judges was shut down by us. The Election Judges also were advised of illegal tactics by the other side. One lady in-front of an old couple voting was making complaints with the judges phone about Patti’s signs. Des Plaines police were sent to sit and watch the entire event which caused Catalano to lose. Becker and Brian Burkross, a political gadfly and windbag worked together planting Catalano’s signs. So the “political reformer” and big mouth Brian Burkross was helping the candidate that was opposite sides of his “Stop TIF”s). All day Brian Burkross screamed he will put our pictures in the front page of the Des Plaines Journal, he made multiple threats, promising multiple lawsuits. He bragged about his company that makes “computers” and than said the company made “buckets”. I think his company should make cheap pans and wooden spoons so he can attract more attention to himself and phony causes. The TIF campaign deal is over so now he want to become a political player. Brian should question the real estate deals, politicians with TIF real estate interests, Alderman gaming the system and conflicts of interest. Becker flipping on the Airport Expansion issues. Good luck to Mr. Walsten, I am looking forward to campaign promises fulfilled.

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  1. Burkross gives a card out with no phone number or address. CPR. Thanks for exposing this guy.

  2. If I recall the Des Plaines Journal does have a Sound Off column. It should be utilized for matters like this.

  3. If you have photos of Becker and Buckross together planting Catalano signs together on election day,please print them on this website. I would be interested in seeing them. As I recall, Buckross ran two articles in the Journal endorsing Mark Walsten. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. (Response) I do and I will. P.M.

  4. Catalano lost by like 25 votes. Your “Wife” got her ass thoroughly kicked, trailing by like 60 votes! [Response]: (You losers spent the entire campaign slinging mud at Patrice. Both candidates went out of their way to steal signs and harass any homeowners that had Patrice’s signs. Catalano was backed by an organization and Mark Walsten had the (Shhhh Mayor) and an alderman from another ward. Remember these tactics, because insulting Patrice shortchanged the issues and voters of a true Independent. Walsten is so incompetent, he is counting on Becker for help. Becker will use him like a sucker and expect more TIF’s in Des Plaines. Patrice had an unlimited amount of money and resources at her disposal, but truly wanted to run a door to door campaign. Des Plaines should enjoy watching Walsten at the council meetings, becker took the strings off Catalano and now they are on Walsten. I wish Walsten the best, he has alot to learn, but he can do it.

  5. When are 60 votes equal to an ‘ass-kicking’?

    Only in a petty, vindictive, mickey-mouse-mentality shit-hole, little burg like Des Plaines has proven itself to be.

    A clearly honest, intelligent and principled woman is rejected in favor of a moron.

    What does this tell you about the voters of Des Plaines?
    (Response) Please let me cover my ears…..

  6. Patrice lost because her husband ran a slimey, name-calling campaign. Des Plaines residents are much too smart to not see thru this. Mr. Catalano lost by 20 votes. Patrice lost by a good 60-65 votes. Coincidence? I think not. Catalano and Walsten ran a clean campaign. Des Plaines wins with either of these men as their alderman. Good luck Mark. (Response) Catalano lost because he decided to invade Patrice’s neighborhood. Catalano lost because he hide the fact he was Becker’s puppet. Catalano lost because the Des Plaines Journal/Burkross newspapers sold out. The Journal wanted a reformer and did not figure Walsten went right into Becker’s arms because he has no concept of the position. Patrice lost to Walsten because she felt sorry for him due to his personal life. Walsten has to change his personal life now the the microscope is on him. Catalano and Walsten ran a dirty campaign. Patrice went to Romano’s after the race and was witnessed by Becker laughing with a group of guys that stopped Catalano-Becker from winning the campaign. This was a very close race and took the cockroaches out of Des Plaines political underground. I think people voted for Watsten because they felt sorry for him. Patrice McDonough will just spend more time at her summerhouse this year instead of reforming the Becker/Burkross/ Catalano/ Walsten/Journal Circus. Walsten never showed up to last night’s Des Plaines Counsil Meeting, why? He was told not to show up, some reformer. I wish Walsten good luck and the $250.00 a month will be a big pay raise. Catalano or McDonough could spit on $250.00 a month.

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