Chicago March 10 Movement Leader Jorge Mujica Murias

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Today, One of the top leaders of Chicago’s Immigration and March 10 Movement is Jorge Mujica Murias. I have enjoyed my conversation with him and his commitment to this powerful attempt to improve rights of Immigrants. Jorge is a humble and determined leader. He is on the front line during a rally to help a young lady that is separated from family in Mexico. Remember, Mexicans in Chicago have turned 26th street into a major money maker for Chicago. Sales Taxes are generated everyday in Chicago Mexican Communities. Politicians know that. My only suggestion to the Mexican-American population, make sure all of you are registered to vote. Please read this article, click here:,CST-NWS-immi18.article Jorge Mujica also knows Frank Avila Jr., a famous Chicago Lawyer and political activist for the Hispanic Community. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Chicago Clout.

4 Replies to “Chicago March 10 Movement Leader Jorge Mujica Murias”

  1. Dear Pat,
    I love all the work you do to expose the biggest mafia kingpin in Illinois—Richard Daley. That’s the way I like to think of you: fighting crime.
    However, and I sincerely don’t know what/how/why you liberals get so clueless, lost, deranged, etc., and become INEXPLICABLY ANTI-AMERICAN, but please trust me, you are indeed working to kill OUR United States of America.
    All this rewarding criminals who spit on the law and order society of OUR USA, by giving them amnesty and a blank check to our government welfare system, is plain idiotic, crazy, self-hatred, suicide,etc.
    OUR FOREFATHERS who bought this greatest experiment ever in human history for you and me, are truly spinning in their graves. They got us this deal with their blood.
    There’s so much to say for this space here. (Please refer to

    One thing is this:This is NOTHING about helping poor people trying to feed a family, respect, being fair, jobs, or any of these scumbag lies being fed to a dumbed-down America. It is all about overthrowing OUR/MY America…by George Soros, Castro, Chavez, Putin and/or others such as Kennedy and clowns and useful idiots like the Daleys.
    And you should know, one tip off was that the Daleys are for this making wrong right, making good bad, making bad good, making illegal legal……making evil good.
    All countries are beautiful. I just got back from Mexico….wonderful folks.
    Now understand: virtually all governments are corrupt. Now next please, understand this: all peoples must fight their own battles
    Mexico is a beautiful country PERIOD! Everyone in the world is RESPONSIBLE for their land/country.

    Guess what?! Is it not simple to figure out that every single poor person can’t come to Daley’s Disneyland city or even to the great land of milk and honey of the USA, for a job.
    C’mon , please wake up!

    This is an invasion. We are being overthrown. We are headed for
    A N A R C H Y.
    Pres. Abe Lincoln was correct. We will lose our nation from within : OUR very own utterly off the charts stupidity (my words).

    The $$$$$ don’t add up to take in criminals, and be nice little stupid liberal Americans inviting in 20,000,000 illegal aliens to live a party “in our house”.

    I leave now with 2 questions: why do liberals hate America? Why do liberals hate Mexico?

    I think Michael Savage is often insolent, and I think he goes over the top for shock entertainment…and that is cheap. But I agree with him when he says “liberalism is a mental disorder”.

    Love ya, stick to fighting against mafioso Daley brothers, and fight FOR our United States of America, not against it. God help us all.

  2. “America will never be destroyed from the outside.
    If we falter and lose freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
    Abraham Lincoln

    Tom Tancredo for President

    America, Please wake up.

  3. Mujica, the United States is just about sick and tired of your stupid ideas, AND YOUR PEOPLE, keeping all those mexican illegal aliens and other illegals, they are destroying our country. Just like Rossana Pulido, HAS TOLD YOU, why don’t you go to Mexico, and make it a better place to live for all those 12 million illegals, and tell all those other illegals to do the same. THEY DON’T BELONG HERE….They are the most stupid ignorant people we have ever seen, they are disrespectful, rude,bold,hostile and very dirty, they are FRAUDS!!!!!DIRT BAGS!!!!made in Mexico. even the other hispanic illegals are not as nasty as these mexicans from the rural parts of mexico. They call themselves nacos and nacas, which means ignorant mexican indians.They are the most evil morans we ever had in our country ever since the huge invasion of those hungry animals. The past four years have been the worst for this country, they are japordizing our government system, are corrupting our American ways, they are dishonest, liers, cheaters and thieves. They are not wanted no where. The Director of “ICE” Julie Myers, is telling them in the Hispanic newspapers, to start going back, to start leaving the country on their own, if they have a house to start selling it, to avoid arrest, deportation, paying a penalty, and being dehumanized, that is not our problem, they should take their problems to their own governments the problem comes from over there not from here. They are the most ignorant people, the most dirty, the most uneducated, the illegal women are always pregnant so they can hook up to the country. IT IS TIME FOR ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, TO CHASE ALL THESE UNDESIREABLES OUT OF HERE, THEY NEED TO BE KICKED OUT OF HERE BY FORCE. MAYBE THE MARINES, ARMY, NATIONAL GUARD,AIRFORCE, CAN GET THEM ALL OUT OF HERE, THE IMMIGRATION “ICE” NEEDS OUR HELP, TO GET ALL THESE FOOLS OUT OF HERE….THEY ARE MAKING OUR COUNTRY A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, WITH ALL THEIR LOW STANDARD WAYS OF LIVING….THEY ARE STUPID IGNORANT….don’t want to speak english as an everyday language, they want everything in Spanish, like as if they were special people, they are low class ignorant illegal morans.

  4. The correct spelling are m-o-r-o-n, l-i-a-r, j-e-o-p-a-r-d-i-z-i-n-g.The E in English should be capitalized. “They are not wanted no where”(double negative).With all the grammatical errors, are you sure you’re not one of those “stupid ignorant”?

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