Happy Memorial 2007

Memorial Day 2007.jpg
I went to many Memorial Day Parades in Chicago and the Suburbs. Mayor Daley was crying like a baby as Fitzgerald skates around Mob Boyz. Many of the people that join the armed forces serve our country for the highest purpose, they do not serve to pad the resume. I heard many politicians try to get some traction by talking about some soldier that died serving his country. I listened to story after story about a Mom or Dad tell noble stories about their son’s life before they died in war. Many parents tried to justify with stories their son told them to reassure them everything will be o.k. Mom and Dad, your sons will be sent to the front lines and die, keep them home. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. By the way, the man in the center of your photo is Jim Johnson, a Board Member of Chapter 311 of the Vietnam Veterans of America (based in Des Plaines) and a member of its Color Guard). The firing team member standing next to Johnson is Dick Klopp, another Chapter 311 Board Member and a former President of that Chapter.

  2. The Korean ‘conflict’ may have had valid reasons for being, the Vietnam ‘conflict’ may have had some valid reasons for being, the Desert Storm ‘military action’ may have had valid reasons for being, the Afganistan ‘military action’ may have had valid reasons for being, but this Iraq ‘invasion-of-conquest’ has been clearly designed to garner obscene profits for Bush’s cronies, through the massive frauds committed by the so-called ‘private’ contractors, and through the effect of the obscene increases in taxes and oil prices, all passed directly to the consumers, ie., YOU AND ME.

    Shame is too mild an emotion to be applied to these ruthless schemers, outrage comes close, a massive, public tar-and-feathering would be just the beginning of what they deserve.

    VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS, they are ALL guilty of cynical acts of effective treason.

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