More stories on Fire Hydrants that are Out of Order

Please watch this Chicago Channel 2 News Special about Fire Hydrants. Click here: I have harped about the conditions of several Fire Hydrants and testified at a State of Illinois hearing. I will take some time to get this b.s. straightened out. It is the result of privatizing and no checks and balances. Patrick McDonough

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  1. “……the 8,000 hydrants operated by a company called Illinois American Water — the biggest private water utility in the nation.”

    What I find interesting is the fact that nowhere in this feather-weight article are we informed of the details on how and why a private company has been ‘sub-contracted’ the responsibilities of the relevant government agencies, who granted this particular company this sub-contract, what process was used to granted same and the ‘behind-closed-doors’ dealing that led to this unsafe reality.

    Are these omissions the result of the usual ‘reporter-muzzling’ practiced by our ‘major’ media moguls?

  2. McDonough and Bruce Randazzo were hauled into a State of Illinois hearing. Chicago denied the condition of the Fire Hydrants. Looks like some heads are going to roll on that issue. Chicago must stop lying in court.

  3. When I ran for alderman of the 43rd ward I spoke about the hydrants that were not working along Lincoln Park West near the Zoo across from many high rise buildings. (Inside Lincln Park even printed a story about the issue.)The hydrants had been covered in black plastic since at least October 2006. Some work was done on water mains on Clark recently but there are still hydrants hidden under black bags in the area.

    As for the privatization of water, wake up everyone, this is a really big issue and we need to be vigilant that some corporation or foreign country doesn’t wind up owning Chicago’s, and America’s water.

  4. Good luck in ‘waking up’ the citizens of our once great country, if they’re not sound asleep from binging, they’re so obsessed with ‘looking out for number one’, that they are regularly led over the cliff, like a flock of lemmings, by our wonderfully benevolent and all-knowing ‘leaders’.

    (Note) Some comments removed, Nice Try.

  5. I assume you’re referring to my minor use of some ‘french’ vocabulary.

    I didn’t realize this was a G-rated board.

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