Hired Trucks Continue to Roll in Chicago Mayor (I don't know) Daley

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On June 22, 2007, hired trucks were seen in the City of Chicago Department of Water Management Transfer Station. Mayor Daley swore the Hired Trucks would stop rolling as the Feds swarmed into Chicago’s City Hall. I was alerted by Chicago Teamsters that used to move the old dirt (spoil) to the dump site. The Chicago Department of Water Management purchased many new (Scows) semi-trucks to move this waste. They Chicago Semi-trucks are sitting idle while taxpayers pick up the tab again. The company pictured is Matias Trucking. Matias Trucking is owned by Libardo Lizarazo a owner of a MBE and DBE business. When you think of a Minority Owned Business doing trucking, you might imagine a company with a few trucks, Matias has about 50 trucks. What is the big deal? Matias Trucking is taking work away from Chicago City Workers that are required to live in Chicago. Matias is located in the suburbs. This trucking company knows the game of giving to key politicians in Chicago, Dick Mell, Cynthia Soto, Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, Rod Blagojevich, and of course our hero, Senator Tony “2-6” Munoz. Matias also gave to the T.L.C. Finance Committee. A few thousand dollars in contributions will go a long way in Illinois and Chicago Politics. I wonder what Alderman Laurino must think, it seems she did not get a piece of this Hired Truck Action. Please learn a little more about the about Matias’s Union Local 731, click here: http://www.socialistworker.org/2003-2/471/471_11_Garbage.shtml One Chicago City Worker told me the Matias might be tied to Michael A. Tadin since the name “MAT”ias. Is it possible? Well things never change in Chicago under Mayor Daley, just a different dress on the same old mobsters. Do not forget Senator Munoz’s tickets (Ohhh Brother) are for sale at your local Chicago Water Department. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Tony and Martin are both stupid uneducated VIOLENT destructive members of the TWO SIX gang

  2. What the F…. does the Feds do about this? This is Bull-shit. Some old rats pay to play politics.

  3. The criminal organization known as the Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO) bragged about being liked the mob and used the names from the Godfather.

    Victor “THE HOG” Reyes was also called the Godfather. He was known as the HOG because he was fat physically but also greedy with his business and politics and cheap and did not share. The Godfather title was indicative of his arrogance, ego and the power that Daley gave him to abuse people.

    Under him in charge of the 10th ward and Streets and Sanitation was AL “the TROLL” Sanchez–known for his ugly short looks like a darker uglier character on the Simpsons and because he was always trolling for girls to give jobs to in exchange for favors. He was an ex-Vrdolyak operative that was short (like a troll), but had a big mouth and was very fat although not as fat as Victor “THE HOG” Reyes.

    Martin “the PIG” Sandoval, the State Senator–he was also fat which is why he was called the PIG. He liked to eat a lot and was a PIG around women.

    TONY “TWO SIX” MUNOZ–2-6 was the gang he was in (is in?) and his brother MARTIN “the women beater” MUNOZ–this gang was oppossed to the Latin Kings. An uneducated lowlife but street smart with a loyal crew. He is close to Senator from Greylord JAMES “JIMMY D” “JOHNNY SACH” DELEO.

    JAVIER “the CLOWN” TORRES–he was affable and the nicest of the arrogant, rude, ignorant, and uneducated bunch. He was nice and funny and politically ineffective–he was also known as “THE HACK”

    JAMIE “the BRACER” a la TORRE–cousin of Victor Reyes, fireman–called him the BRACER because he was Mexican–Victor Reyes was half Puerto Rican and had a a lot of self hate and wierd internal racism to Mexicans.

    JOYCIE “the #$%” CRUZ–also she was fF$% and thought she was good looking always having affairs and trying to start problems.
    Worked in Danny Solis’s office until he got rid of her and she is working, well aptly, with Rats.

    AARON “Erin–Mini Me” (Al Sanchez was called his Dr. Evil) and also “Al’s B$%^&” DELVALLE–not a major player but he was close to Al Sanchez.

    They deried poor Ken Mayer because he was gay but did their fundraising.

    Some comments removed.

  4. Scandals’ legal fees cost taxpayers $13M
    CITY HALL | Clout-heavy law firms cash in on corruption probes

    June 25, 2007
    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/fspielman@suntimes.com
    The Daley administration doled out more than $13 million in legal fees to politically connected law firms from Jan. 1, 2006, through mid-May of this year, thanks to federal corruption investigations, the long-running Shakman case and the police torture case against former Lt. Jon Burge.

    The law firm of Shefsky & Froelich rode the legal gravy train to $1.9 million in fees over the 16• ½-month period. The firm represented the city on matters ranging from the fight to save Chicago’s minority set-aside ordinance to Police Board hearings and a class-action lawsuit involving alleged towing and parking violations.

    » Click to enlarge image

    Jon Burge’s torture cases cost the city more than $2 million in legal fees last year.
    (Sun-Times file)
    Shefsky & Froelich counts among its partners the city’s former Corporation Counsel Brian Crowe. Crowe’s successor and protege Mara Georges decides which firms get legal work that cannot be performed by her $27.1 million-a-year department and its 345 full time attorneys and clerical employees.
    Rock Fusco LLC, the law firm founded by former state Senate President Phil Rock, took in nearly $1.6 million over the same period, defending the city in a series of cases, including a wrongful-conviction suit.

    Georges is the daughter of former Circuit Court Judge Peter Georges, a friend of Rock’s. Rock’s law firm once employed both Crowe and Georges as partners.

    Last year, special prosecutors Edward Egan and Robert Boyle concluded that Burge and his Calumet Area cohorts tortured criminal suspects for two decades while police brass looked the other way. The report concluded it was too late to prosecute because the statute of limitations had passed.

    Burge legal fees draw fire
    Twenty-six aldermen have co-signed a resolution that calls for City Council hearings on what critics call the “whitewash” report. Aldermen and civil rights attorneys have also blasted the city for continuing to pay fees of lawyers representing Burge and other police detectives in five civil rights lawsuits.
    Documents supplied by the city in response to a Freedom of Information Act request show $2.04 million in Burge-related legal fees in 2006 — and $399,416 more during the first 5½ months of this year.

    A large chunk of those fees went to Dykema Gossett PLLC. The 2005-2006 Sullivan’s Law Directory lists the firm’s “government relations professional” as William Lipinski, the former Southwest Side congressman and longtime Mayor Daley ally.

    The law firms of Greene and Letts, Itasca-based James G. Sotos & Associates and Freeborn & Peters also shared in Burge-related fees.

    Freeborn & Peters is a heavy contributor to Gov. Blagojevich. One of the firm’s partners is Roger Bickel, a former state ethics commission chairman and riverboat casino lobbyist who was George Ryan’s top lawyer during the convicted former governor’s days as lieutenant governor and secretary of state.

    The law firm of Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw was paid $213,537 over the 16• ½-month period to represent Daley in the Shakman case settled with the creation of a $12 million fund to compensate victims of the city’s rigged hiring system. Former Illinois Attorney General Tyrone C. Fahner represented the mayor. Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw partners once included the mayor’s brother and still include two former Daley chiefs of staff.

    ‘Criminal enterprise’
    Chicago taxpayers coughed up $251,314 in legal fees in 2006 to represent city employees drawn into federal investigations of the mayor’s former patronage chief — convicted last summer of rigging city hiring to benefit pro-Daley political workers — and of former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez.
    The law office of Mark L. Rotert was paid $15,199 in 2007 to represent former Buildings Commissioner Stan Kaderbek in a racketeering lawsuit that accuses political operatives with ties to Daley of shaking down a developer.

    The developer, Thomas Snitzer, has called the 11th Ward Regular Democratic Organization a “criminal enterprise.” He contends Daley’s former political enforcer Tim Degnan and the mayor’s brother Cook County Commissioner John Daley have control over development in the 11th Ward and that they conspired to shut down Bridgeport Village after demands from Degnan and developer Thomas DiPiazza were not met.

    The firm of Franczek Sullivan P.C. took in nearly $352,000 in legal fees over the 16• ½-month period. Jim Franczek is the city’s chief labor negotiator.

  5. Why would you drag in an honest company like Matias Trucking Inc without talking to them first. They are associated with the Local Union and do everything they can to ensure it is done right by the law and in a professional manner. This picture shown here means nothing. I know that Matias Trucking is an honest company that did not have to bribe anyone to get a contract with the City. They have been in the business for a long time and have worked hard to get where they are at. Whomever posted this article should check their sources before making false accusations. ( Response: I personally check all sources including personally calling the company. I hope you know this company has received apx. $350,000.00 and counting in a no bid contract. The contract has also been extended as far as I can tell.)

  6. June 27, 2007 – Several truck drivers who were let go when Chicago’s Hired Truck program was phased out say a lack of political clout is keeping them from getting new city business.

    The men met with Noelle Brennan today and asked her to investigate their claims. She is the attorney who was appointed to monitor the city’s hiring following the Shakman decree. That decree prohibits the city from using politics when it comes to hiring.
    “As soon as they phase it out I can’t find any job, I am unemployed, I don’t have anything to do right now. Kicking us out made things bad for most of us,” said Peter Nelson, Nelson Trucking.

    Brennan says the driver’s claim is out of her jurisdiction.

    City officials had no comment.

  7. This comment is in response to the comment Mariah left. Evidently she either works for the company or is related to Libardo somehow. Oh, yes Matias Trucking is so honest. My company and his company were in the LACC (Latin American Chamber of Commerce) and I told them both that we could get all kinds of work with Morton Salt (Libardo knows this), if we were to do things the way I would do them, they said no we can’t do things like that. That $3.5 million salt contract with Morton Salt, its not his, he’s not in control of anything, Morton Salt is run by IBC (Illinois Bulk Carrer), Daddy Dave and his many, many companies. And you thought Tadin had a lot of companies, Daddy Dave is in control. I have been in the trucking business over 29 years and my family combined , we have over 150 years of experience. And if Matias Trucking is so honest, why does he sell his self like a cheap whore.

    Explain how he got this contract doing what he’s doing at 3901 S. Ashland.
    Nevermind I know, it’s all about who you pay and whose ass you’re so far up.

    And another thing if Matias Trucking is so honest, please explain to me, when he was in the hired truck program, the City of Chicago posted all approved applications/contracts on the Department of Procurement Services and when you look at Matias’ contract, majority of his contract is blacked out with permanent marker. So much for transparency.
    Look at Jo Glad, he got caught up in city scandals, and he working all over the city, using L & L Leo’s and LuLu’s Bus & Truck Company. (LuLu’s another crook)

  8. you are either the stupidist or the biggest loser in the world. You really should get your facts straight before you post them.

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