Frank Avila Jr. We pray for You.

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Chicago’s most vocal leader for the Chicago City Worker is not feeling well at this time. I ask everyone to please say a prayer for him in this time of need. Remember, Frank Avila Jr. has taken on the most difficult cases in a most unselfish manner. I consider Frank Avila Jr. a true friend and warrior for all those downtrodden. I hope God will have mercy and have compassion during these troubling times. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. I would like to submit for consideration of Catholic Lawyer 2007,
    attorney Frank Avila Jr. Not only is he a product of our Catholic Schools,
    but he lives his life the Catholic way. As an attorney he
    incorporates his Catholic values by fighting for what is morally right and just,
    advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves even if that means going
    against “Goliath”.
    He has been instrumental in bringing to light the atrocities of torture in
    the Burgess case, giving a voice to people who were tortured into silence.
    He has fought against the corruption in this city as a labor lawyer and won for
    people who have been unjustly treated for adhering to their morals and values
    and not the “political” way.
    I have taken great comfort in knowing that as my attorney in a very
    anguishing case , Frank truly believes in the Catholic mission and conducts
    his personal and professional life in the spirit of the Catholic Way.
    Frank Avila is an excellent example of what it means to be a “Catholic
    Mr. Avila earned his JD at De Paul Law School in Chicago, IL and
    after September 11, 2001 Frank Avila volunteered for the US Army and was
    commissioned as an officer in the US Army Reserve. He was recently promoted to
    Frank Avila is an excellent example of what it means to be a “Catholic
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Winner Announced After Annual Archdiocesan Red Mass, September 30
    Chicago, IL (August 1, 2007)-For the first time, public nominees are being sought for the Catholic Lawyer of the Year Award. Nominees should be “attorneys that practice their faith in an exemplary manner while using their legal training as an advocate for the vulnerable,” said Fr. William Grogan, chaplain of the Catholic Lawyers Guild.

    Nominations are being accepted through Wednesday, August 15 by U.S. Mail to Fr. Grogan’s attention at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center, P.O. Box 1979, Chicago, IL 60690 or by Email at: The winning attorney will be announced at a brunch that follows the annual Archdiocesan Red Mass, which will take place at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, September 30 at Holy Name Cathedral, State and Superior Streets.

    Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago, will be the main celebrant of this year’s Red Mass. The brunch will take place at Loyola University’s Water Tower Campus. Both events are hosted by the Catholic Lawyers Guild, which was founded in the 1930’s to help Catholic attorneys “address issues such as divorce,“ said Fr. Grogan.

    Red Masses began in thirteenth century Europe, and are so named as the clergy, judges and legal scholars in attendance wore red to symbolize the tongues of fire that descended on Jesus’ Apostles. Today, the Masses take place across the country and invoke the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the coming year. They are always held on the Sunday prior to the first Monday of October, the opening day of the U.S. Supreme Court’s fall session.

  3. On August 20, 2007, I received a call from the Avila Family, Frank Avila Jr.’s surgery went well. Thank you for the call Tony, I call tell we were both overjoyed by the wonderful news.

  4. Mr. Avila Jr:

    May God look over you and put your pain and suffering
    at ease. In the near future
    I will call upon you, for your legal advise. For now
    rest and take care.

    Bill Fish

  5. I wish Frank could give me some of his brains they took out from his surgery. He is a smart cookie.
    (Response) While I find this post ridiculas, almost absurd, and most contemptuous, deep down, it might be a plausible thought. p.s. I must of benefited somehow. Patrick McDonough.

  6. Apparently, Nancy really needs some additional brain cells, from whatever source.

    They’re doing experiments on a wide variety of species these days.

    Maybe there’s a city squirrel or sewer rat who’d be willing to donate a few to her, it would work wonders.

    (Response) Please do not mix drinking and posting. The Web Police might pull you over. Patrick McDonough

  7. Web Police?

    Another one of Bush’s inventions?

    All in the name of ‘homeland security’?

    How patriotic of him.

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