Mayor Daley's Safe Bridges?

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Many years ago, Mayor Daley was trusted with the management of the taxpayer’s money to make sure we have better roads, better schools, safe schools. Mayor Daley was trusted to put the taxpayers first, not to make his friends millionaires. I as sorry to report, much money in Chicago went to Mayor Daley’s pet projects, public property was sold to raise millions more to pay debt. Mayor Daley is raising taxes and look at his idea of great infrastructure improvements. Many of Chicago’s steel bridges have the steel rotten to the core from salt and weather. Many repairs include encasing the bridge bases with concrete to delay important repairs. I must confess, I get very scared when I hear a train rumbling overhead and I am stuck in traffic. many bridges sway to much when I am waiting in busy traffic. This bridges is rusting and the concrete is falling off. This bridge in at the intersection of Pershing (39th) and Ashland. Too much money was spent downtown, we need to fix the roads and bridges. I hope Mayor Daley does not blame this problem on the Federal Government. Photos by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. It is interesting that you only brought this up after the incident in Minn.
    (Response) For God Sake Man, I am only human. I saw inspectors looking at the bridge before and nothing was done. I try to give the City of Chicago a fair amount of time because I try to be fair. Work should have started a year ago. Patrick McDonough.

  2. ron huberman has taken away many things from cta employees that are needed to make the system safe. look into some complaints from employees and see if the publics safety is being compromised.
    (Response)It is called MONEY before safety in Chicago. This Management stlye costs millions after the fact. Wise money is spent before there is a problem. Patrick McDonough

  3. The mayor is presently working hard to figure out just which of his minions will be getting the very lucrative and long-lasting contracts to ‘repair’ our infrastructures, (bridges being part of the whole), at least those infrastructures earmarked for present and near future ‘gentrification’.

    Those living in areas not yet ‘ripe’ enough for developers to ‘pluck’ will just have to tread lightly when crossing their neighborhood’s bridges and scurry quickly when passing beneath same.

    After all, the mayor’s GOT to have certain priorities, unripened areas being near the bottom of his list of things to do.

  4. but the media and people and all kinds of folks tell me—> THE CITY OF CHICAGO IS SO SO SOOOOOOOO CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL.

  5. Pat, check the bridge that’s not far from the police station on 555 w. Harrison, I am not sure of the street name, but you have to walk past the post office. It looks very dangerous it has pieces of wood where you walk, that are covering holes in the walkway. Please bring that bridge to someone’s attention, before someone gets hurt or even killed. Daddy Daley is too busy trying to get the city ready for the Olympics, will someone please get him ready for Federal Prison, what in the hell are the Feds waiting for. And let him know, if we all know who hired Angelo Torres, then why in the hell does’t this dope know, and he was signing his payroll check. Keep up the good work Pat.

  6. But will Daley fix the publicly funded transportation infrastructure he personally destroyed? For example, Meigs Field. And if so will he hire the same companies that dug it up at midnight to repave it in the middle of the night.

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