More of Mayor Daley's Goons in trouble with Hiring Fraud

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]]>Ex-political worker admits lying about city hiring
Tribune staff report
7:15 PM CDT, August 22, 2007
A former member of the Hispanic Democratic Organization pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to a federal grand jury about his role in helping other members of the political group get jobs in Mayor Richard Daley’s administration.
John Resa, a worker in the city’s Water Management Department, admitted that he sought and often received jobs and promotions for HDO members from high-ranking city officials between 1994 and 2005. Last fall Resa told a grand jury investigating hiring fraud at City Hall that he never passed on job requests.
For more than a decade, HDO was a powerful force in Daley’s political organization, dispatching members across the Chicago area to campaign for the mayor and candidates backed by Daley. Resa, 49, helped coordinate HDO’s activities on the Southeast Side, commanding 70 HDO workers, according to the plea agreement.
Former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez, who led HDO’s operations on the Southeast Side, was charged earlier this year with nine counts of mail fraud and accused of rigging hiring decisions to reward HDO members. Sanchez has denied any wrongdoing.
Nothing in Resa’s plea agreement requires him to cooperate with the government’s ongoing investigation. Resa, who is scheduled to be sentenced in November, faces up to 16 months in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, Assistant U.S. Atty. Manish Shah said.

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  1. So, first-time drug convictions routinely garner 2-5 times as long a sentence, with a few being 16 YEARS, but the much more harmful and costly trafficking in government jobs gets you, AT MOST, 16 lousy months in the Federal Country Club.

    What a deal.

    And he didn’t even have to spill his guts.

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