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  2. Mike Noonan is Victor Reyes lobbying partner in the Roosevelt group–that is public knowledge–it is in incorporation papers–it is in lobbying registrations–if you call the Roosevelt group you can press extensions for Noonan and Reyes.

    Victor Reyes is the head of HDO. He is the Chair and President on the incorporation papers. On the incorporation papers it has Michael Kasper as the attorney and his law office as the office.
    These same papers have Victor Reyes on the State Board of Election Disclosures.
    The State Board of Election disclosure which you can easily get off the internet have a 6 figure payment to Tom Breen for Victor Reyes (who has been identified as co-schemer A in Federal guilty pleas and identified as such on TV, the Sun Times, and teh Chicago Tribune)
    Tom Breen was Marcello’s attorney in the recent Family Secrets Mafia trial. Marcello was convicted and was accussed of murdering people

    Al Sanchez is indicted waiting trial. His protege and former Streets and Sans worker, candidate for alderman, and HDO member Aaron DelValle is also indicted. This is online with the US Attorneys office and reported widely in the media–you can do a Google news search, or a Lexis search if you have it.

    George Prado plead guilty. He has been identified in the media as being a member of HDO. He gave money to Senator Antonio “Tony” Munoz timed with his promotion as reported by the Chicago Sun Times and could be verified with the City of Chicago.
    George Prado was an operating engineer working with the father and brother of Senator Munoz. George Prado gave money to the HDO. It was in the major mainstream media, it can be found online in Federal court records, the US Attorneys had press releases–George Prado plead guilty to being a heroin dealer part of an 8 member heroin dealing ring associated with the Columbian cartel run out of the Jardine Plant Department of Water Management–this is dramatic but all public record–not allegation but public guilty plea.

    Angelo Torres–plead guilty–admitted guilt–admitted he was formerly a member of a gang–the Two Six gang and he was part of the predecessor to Cease Fire with the Professor from UIC because of his gang involvement–all in the Sun Times. Call Tim Novak from the Sun Times. Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky also wrote on some of these themes.
    Again, Federal online, US Attorney press releases, Chicago Sun Times investigative reporting series. Hired Trucks was an HDO former gang member in charge of a truck privatization program that gave no bid and no work trucking contracts to numerous trucking companies for bribes and extortion (Federal documents/guilty pleas not allegations not too much research) including trucking companies connected to the Mafia (not allegations just look at the Family Secrets transcripts, read the Sun Times, look at the guilty pleas) The money from these firms ended up in politicians coffers including HDO and HDO Senator Munoz. Michael Noonan helped with Senator Munoz’s campaign.

    Resas plead guilty recently to lying to the Feds and fixing jobs.
    He also tested positive for cocaine. Again all in court documents and reported in the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune and the TV–no allegations, no blogs, no rumors–easily verifiable–please use google news or if you have Nexis.
    Guilty plea.

    If Mike Noonan is Howard Brookins campaing manager it is a fair question how would Brookins feel about investigating Mike Noonan or Noonan’s partner Victor Reyes or HDO if they supported Brookins or if there is a conflict or if the above guilty pleas and verifiable information would create a questionable criminal tie. Remember it was the Feds and not State’s Attorney Richard Devine who could not find anything wrong with Reyes, or Munoz and Acevedo who he endorsed or HDO who supported him–despite overwhelming evidence about HDO and criminality.

    It has been reported in the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Tribune, Channel 7 and CLTV that Victor Reyes is under investigation and is named as co-schemer A in current US Attorney indictments and guilty pleas. Call Tim Novak of the Sun Times, or Laurie Cohen of the Chicago Tribune. Or look through Archives or go to the Federal building.

    Mike Noonan was the campaign manager for Bernie Stone for alderman. There is a current investigation into absentee ballot fraud possibly by the US Attorneys (they did not comment) but certainly by David Hoffman and the City Inspector General.
    These are serious allegations (if true) of voter fraud and intimidation. The allegations were on TV during the election and now are being investigated.

    Mike Noonan was the campaign manager for Todd Stroger for County Board President. There were allegations in major media, and by Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica that the John Stroger signature was not valid or the same. This was reported widely on TV and print. There seems no doubt that the health condition of John Stroger lacked candor. It is now known that Todd Stroger did not reveal his own health issue of Prostate cancer (whether he had to is another question but he is an elected official with a previous appointment based on health failure of his father)

    There are investigations into County government. People went to jail including CFOs of County Hospitals like Providence. There have been guilty pleas, trials–this is all fact.

    Mike Noonan made allegations against Tony Peraica–which can be verified through old clips and press releases of Peraica supposedly laying people off and cutting of services when and if he became County Board President.
    Stroger cut services and laid people off. Todd Stroger did hire family, cousins and friends–that is a fact that can be found online in the budget and was reported in major media.

    There have been numerous allegations, publicly reported, some guilty pleas from County workers on County time doing 8th ward picnics, the CFO of Provident hospital making a fake company and stealing money, an 8th ward worker with numerous felony convictions being in charge of grant money and stealing again, the coming and going of Gerald Nichols and those allegations, budgetary problems, etc.–these are all verifiable.

    Mike Noonan IS the partner of Victor Reyes. Victor Reyes is co-schemer A in Federal indictments and guilty pleas. Victor Reyes has not yet been indicted. Do a Google search or a Lexis search on Victor Reyes and you will see things about CTA, O’Hare, patronage, drugs, gangs, jobs, and not one positive article.
    Victor Reyes is the head of HDO.
    If Mike Noonan was Dominic Longo’s partner the media would be all over it. If Mike Noonan was partners with an individual with ties to Italian organized crime it would be a story.

    Independetly of Reyes, Mike Noonan was the campaign manager of Bernie Stone–there is a City IG investigation by David Hoffman into absentee ballot questions, official misconduct of city workers and vote fraud.

    Mike Noonan was the campaign manager for Todd Stroger. Mike Noonan made statements that turned out to be not true.
    Mike Noonan may have covered up plans to fire people, cut services, lie about Tony Peraica, and not tell the truth about Prostate cancer. These may be able to explained away but also maybe not but they should be allowed to be posted and are verifiable.

    It is valid to ask Howard Brookins?:

    1. Is HDO helping your campaign?

    2. Is Victor Reyes through the Roosevelt group doing fundraising for you?

    3. Are you paying Mike Noonan directly or the Roosevelt Group?

    4. If you are paying the Roosevelt Group than what role is Victor Reyes playing?

    5. What role is Victor Reyes playing anyway?

    6. Would you accept support from the Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO)?

    7. If you would not accept support, why not?

    8. If you would accept support from HDO–how would you explain the ties to the Sorich/Slattery/McCarthy/Sullian convictions, ties to convicted drug dealer and city worker George Prado, ties to convicted Hired Trucks leader Angelo Torres, ties to convicted job fixer and perjurer who tested positive for cocaine John Resa, what about the other allegations? including the indictment of HDO leader and former Streets and Sanitation Commisisoner Al Sanchez and his assistant Aaron DelValle?

    9. Do you think that Dick Devine should investigated or dropped the ball or even worse any wrongdoing of George Prado, Hired Trucks, HDO or Victor Reyes?

    10. Former State’s Attorney David Bonoma (the son of Mayor Daley secretary) worked for Dick Devine and now works for Victor Reyes? Is there a conflict of interest here? Is it it a cause for concern?

    11. Was Mike Noonan honest during the Stroger campaign?

    12. Was he honest or did he have any evidence that Peraica was going to cut services or fire people? Or was it fearmongering and lies? Was there any legitimate speculation?

    13. Did Noonan or Stroger lie to organized labor?

    14. Did Noonan know about the real nature of the budget?

    15. Did Noonan know about the planned firings or cuts in services before the election or even their possibility?

    16. How truthful is Noonan?

    17. If Brookins associates with someone like Noonan what that does that say about his character and/or integrity and/or judgement?

    18. Does Brookins believe there should be some investigations into Cook County government, John Daley (publicly associated with Hired Trucks and insured all the Trucking companies–all public record), Gerald Nichols, or Todd Stroger himself?

    19. Who are the other clients of Mike Noonan and the Roosevelt Group?

  3. There are two sets of rules.

    The Daley friends, the Briattas, the mob guys, the 11th and 19th wards get to do whatever they want. Everyone else gets punished.

  4. We keep on focusing on more money, which is a current reality BUT we have not yet talked about (or Daley and Blagojevich have not yet talked about):

    1. Patronage at the CTA, lots of hacks in painting, administration, construction including convicts or ex convicts, people fired from the city, political

    2. A politically appointed hack board.

    3. Contract cronyism at the CTA, remember that Victor Reyes stole the contract from Gery Chico to represent the French design company of the euro-chique yet expensive CTA waiting stations downtown that Daley like–lobbying for them WHILE HE WAS ON THE BOARD!!!! lots of other contracts too

    4. Pensions that are sky high and you could never find in the private sector.

    5. Drivers and other employees (admittedly you can get some tough passengers too) who are rude, bad drivers, ignorant etc.

    6. The elimination of service that made no sense. There were cuts in Hispanic areas where an illegal probably para transit jitney system exists that you can find by going to 26th Street at starting about 4 AM and seeing people from 4AM to 7 AM riding vans with other people going to work–it exists elswhere too. When I lived in Washington DC the El Salvadorians had their own non government regulated “bus” and cab system. For all the Mexicans working at night and weekends, and yes not to stereotype–but maids, janitors, chefs, busboys, waiters, dishwashers, nannies, construction–who work nights and weekends–public transit was the way to go–they a lost a lot of ridership.

    7. Too much money spent on new downtown stations, and beautification of downtown and north-south lakefront lines

    8. No people who know transit.
    Isn’t former Alderman Mike Wojcik–the guy who didn’t finish his Physical Education degree from UIC or Northwestern have a 6 figure job in Public Affairs–maybe his grammatically correct press releases–or IT–he probably took a lot of computer classes in PE major.
    Fire Mike Wojcik before you talk about money.

    Why is he so brilkiant again???!!!!
    Was he the one who cleaned up the City???!!!!
    Was he the one that cleaned up the Police force???!!!
    What is his resume???!!!!!

    10. Cal, didn’t you serve with Sam Panyototayovic in the State House–wasn’t he known as Edward Vrdolyak’s guy?? I think he was even a Republican State Rep until Clem Balanoff beat him.
    How was his wife qualified to be on the CTA board???!!!!
    Did she know transportation??
    or finance???
    or mass transit???
    or computers


    12. Daley likes to go to other countries–what can we learn from other countries with good trains and buses

    13. Can we privatize anything???

    14. With gross mismanagement, patronage jobs, idiots like Mike Wojcik, 11th ward hacks, Victor Reyes on the board, State Reps wives on the boards (these boards make $35,000 a year with pension, and health benefits–hell–I would do it for FREE just for the PENSION AND HEALTH!!!!)
    So the workers are political
    The board is political
    The contracts are fixed and political
    The jobs are political
    The pensions are huge
    I agree with Mass Transit–I agree that low income people should have a way to get to work–WORK IS GOOD–TRAINS AND BUSES ARE GOOD–I think less gas, less cars on roads, less traffic, less congestion, less air pollution–ALL GOOD


    We need to get to the root causes. Not always just ask for money or put on a show.

  5. nice site….

    if we link together, and share our resources. we could be a VOICE in the Internet.

    (Response) The person that fixes my site never showed me how to link a site. You have a long way to go before I will link my Super Site to your upstart. You are on your way and I salute you for getting started. Also post your name.

  6. “You have a long way to go before I will link my Super Site to your upstart.”

    Your SUPER SITE???

    Get off the mood enhancers.

    Ego maniacs abound in politics.

    You, apparently, are no exception to the rule.

    A ‘Super Site’ this ain’t.

    But, thanks for stroking your own monkey in public, it clarifies your otherwise fuzzy public persona.

    (Response) Did you bother to smile in the last few years? Lighten up, laugh, live. The links are not done because I do not know how to do them. I will meet with the webmaster this weekend and add ones I think are worthwhile.

  7. prado wasn’t right in what he did. The system is set up for corruption. The govorner is only the first in recent top political figures that will be forced to step down. I have a dollar on that Daley will be next in a scandal.

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