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Chicago has approved some mighty ugly St. Patrick’s Day Queens lately. In fact many have been as pretty as the above captioned picture. At Chicago Clout, we are accepting applications for any Irish Girl that wants to be the first St. Paddy Day’s Queen. Rules: 1. Must be Irish, or have a Irish name. 2. Must be 18, in college or accepted to attend a four year college. 3. You cannot be over college age. Old Italian Doctors need not apply. 4. You must have a reasonable figure and a pleasant personality. 5. Must agree to be on Television for an on air interview. 6. You must look like a Irish (Fox) lass. 7. You must prove excellent grades in High School and involvement in extracurricular activities.

Awards will include $1,000.00 scholarship (Check made to your school in your name) Four chances to co-host in a professionally produced program. There will be additional awards. All accepted applicants will be treated fairly.
Click here to send your resume and picture:
Good luck, prizes awarded on the air this St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick McDonough

8 Replies to “Get in your Chicago St. Patrick's Day Application Here”

  1. Please pick a girl that is pretty for a change. I hope this takes over the old St. Patricks Day Queen. The get older and unglier every year in Chicago. Dago St. Paddy Day Queens? How fuking stupid.

  2. John Daley might be a good queen.

    Ron Huberman is not Irish but he is a Queen.

    Since Pat Daley is now fit because of the Army, and 100% Irish–he would be the best Irish Queen.

  3. Sounds like you horn dogs would be happiest with an Irish w****.

    Mayor Daley called an Italian winner a Dago!

  4. In Mr. Kass’ case, the mayor’s minions regularly fed stories to a competitor when he was still a beat reporter at City Hall, embarrassing him professionally. Mr. Kass still makes fun of the competitor, the Chicago Sun-Times, dubbing it “Daley’s News” in his column.

    In Mayor Daley’s case, the key provocation was a 1998 Kass column that accused the mayor of calling the Italian-surname queen of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade “a dago.” Mayor Daley called the charge true. Mayor Daley said the Journeyman’s Plumber’s Local 130 made a mockery of the Chicago Irish Parade. Dagos and Polocks, what next, African Americans?

    (Response) I think Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Queen should be Irish. I think the other parades that name a queen should and always name someone that reflects the ancestry. This is not racism. I think to be Italian and enter the pageant is Ignorant. I think a Doctor that has been out of college for a while is a joke. During the last Chicago St. Patrick’s Day pageant, the officials did not allow the girls and old women to name their last last name for fear of racism. Sullivan of the Plumber’s Union is a coward. If their is a Chicago Miss Black Pageant, I think many would be disturbed if a bunch of white blond girls entered and screamed racism if they lost, that would be rude. We are going to have a Real Official St Patrick’s Day Contest with real prizes. Patrick McDonough.

  5. I mean no disrespect, but the 2007 was an old ugly hag. Looks like she never ate a meal and that dripping hook nose was not Irish. Irish girls are hot.

  6. check out your 2/18/07 posting about your own flesh and blood. Our you a sore looser or just mean to your own kids?
    (Response) I think it makes sense to have an Irish St. Pats Queen. I think it makes sense to have a Greek as the Greek Queen. If the cowards at the Journeyman’s Local 130 that are controlling the St. Pat’s pageant are scared, why not have a guy as the St. Pat’s Queen. If the Gay Pride Parade makes it’s Queen a Priest, would you find that offensive?

  7. “If the Gay Pride Parade makes it’s Queen a Priest, would you find that offensive?”

    What makes you think that most priests AREN’T gay?

    (Response) I do not care if a priest is one way or another, just leave the kids alone.

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