Quick Read on Shakman Retaliation in Chicago

Chicago is investigating “Violence in the Workplace”. (Insert joke here) I left a message today for Michael Shakman to explain just how it really works, read below. Patrick McDonough

]]>Worker took city to court, now faces battery charge
STREETS AND SAN | Is it harassment because of suit?

October 3, 2007
BY ERIC HERMAN Criminal Courts Reporter eherman@suntimes.com
Michael Sullivan — the Streets and Sanitation worker who battled city patronage in federal court — has found himself on the wrong end of the law.

Sullivan, 44, was arrested last Wednesday after shoving a fellow employee while trying to enter an office in a Streets and Sanitation building on the 2400 block of South Ashland, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

Prosecutors charged Sullivan with one count of misdemeanor battery. At a hearing Thursday, a judge set his bond at $1,000.

Plaintiff with Shakman
Michael Shakman, the lawyer whose federal anti-patronage lawsuit Sullivan joined in 2005, said Sullivan’s arrest “was the result of harassment that has been brewing there for a long time because he has been a whistleblower with respect to patronage practices.”

The incident came seven weeks after Sullivan went back to court, claiming he was denied city overtime because he had become a plaintiff in Shakman’s lawsuit.

In 2005, Sullivan alleged the Streets and Sanitation Department gave better assignments and more overtime to workers with political clout, especially those with ties to Cook County Commissioner John Daley, the mayor’s brother.

The city settled that suit in March, creating a fund for those denied jobs and awarding $25,000 to Sullivan.

In August, Sullivan went to court to enforce the agreement, with Shakman as his lawyer.

As for last week’s incident, Sullivan “contends there was no battery,” Shakman said.

Streets and San spokesman Matt Smith said a “violence in the workplace” incident was under investigation. He declined further comment.

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  1. One again you think since a current employee has a legal claim against the city, the same rules and regulations that apply to all city employee dont apply to them. Well if this employee did commit battery he is sadly mistaken.

    (Response) Sooner or later justice must come to all. A battery with a weapon was covered up by the Chicago Department of Water Management in March of this year. The Chicago Police even allowed this to occur. It sets a dangerous precedence. The Chicago Inspector General did not even interview any witnesses. Should we allow Mr. Sullivan off the hook also? We need consistency. Patrick McDonough.

  2. So a grown man made some physical contact with an asshole who figured he could run his mouth, ’cause his clout will protect him?

    THIS gets a man arrested and charged with a trumped up. bullshit, politically motivated, fucking misdemeanor, with an outrageous bond of $10,000?

    Shit, the folks on the the west and south sides routinely batter each other and don’t even get arrested!

    What a mockery of justice.

    What an example of the corruption that exists and flourishes within ALL branches of our governments.

    Fuck the p#### who had no shame or self-respect and filed a complaint about being ‘shoved’.

    What a pathetic excuse of a man.

  3. Dear Sir Your constant defense of criminal behaviour tasnishes your credibility as a community activist. I even heard of you exhibiting rude behaviour towards your co-workers. If you want an example of leadership look to our Mayor. Do you see members of his cabinet being disrespectful toward one another! Deep down in your heart ,you may not like Mayor Daley but I bet you respect him. Lets works toward improving Chicago not tearing it down.

  4. Well, Bruce Randazzo has opened the door for all these corrupt officials, do you remember Al Sanchez? Sullivan, and Levar ( if the case would have went to trial) even before Al Sanchez was indicted, Sullivan was with Sorich !!
    This thing with harassment MUST stop, where is the protection from being a WHISTLE BLOWER???
    Where is Daley? or is Daley involved? COME ON MIKE SHAKMAN get involved!!

  5. “Dear Sir,
    Your constant defense of criminal behavior tarnishes your credibility as a…”

    ….well, actually, kosicki’s a liar, thief and life-long clout monkey, so he has no credibility.

    The only thing kosicki is, is an a@@@@@@ who confuses fake civility with civilized behavior.

    How about kosicki relating daley’s behavior when he’s not in public view?

    How about kosicki relating the behaviors of daley’s minions?

    How about kosicki asking himself one question, namely, will it be worth it, the selling of his soul, for whatever material gains he’s garnered from ‘dancing with the devils”?

  6. Since I no longer work for the city and have moved out of the area, I am free to blast this blog..

    The author thinks he can say whatever he wants, take a nnews item and slant it however he wants, do what ever he we wants, sue who ever he wants and then not follow the same rule and regulations that every other city employees has to.

    So Patrick do you or dont you live in the city?

    so Patrick do you or dont you have to cooperate with the Inspector General Office?

    So did you or did you not files a Shakman Claim so you can get part of the 12 million?

    You see were I am now, when we an former emplotee files a false lawsuit or claim, the company or when it is an individual goes after the former employee by countersuing. You see how fast the former employee drops their suit as this works very well when the bank accountis on the line. The best legal defense is a good offense.

    Patrick in order to when legal claim such as a Shakman claim you have to have proof. Just because 1400 people think they were past over does not mean it true. Especially if you have 5 claims for the same job. Only one could get it.

    As for teamsters post, what kind of better deal could they have gotten? Say did you ever vote in the plumbers ratification vote or our you just fair share?

    If the employee is guilty of battery he out of a job regardless if he has a valid Shakman claim or not.

    I just wish more Chicago employees who are accused of false claims would file counter suits as those who can dish it cant usually take.

    (Response) Why are you afraid to print your name? I guess you know all of this against Daley is true.

  7. I know you but you dont know me and what you say about the mayor is crap. You are obsessed with him. You need help. I try OCFchicago.org for your obsession.

    I saw someone post an idea a month or so ago to get your timesheets and see if you are using sick time to attend Personel Board Hearings or other unrelated reason. I like that idea and just put in the mail a freedom of Information request to your department. Lets see what we find. I bet you will be having another Personnel Board Hearing based on what I find.

    In the mean time enjoy yourself.

  8. I know you, but you don’t know me.

    what you say about the many critics of the mayor is crap.


    I like that idea.

    Let’s see what happens when the people of this city, county and state also like that idea.

    I bet you will be looking for work in the private sector, once we, the people, get the next chance to vote out all you rascals.

    In the mean time, enjoy yourself.

    (Response) Daley Inc. will never be voted out.

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