Chicago Department of Water Management in Hot Water

Chicago Department of Water Management Fire 2.jpg
3440 North Osage was red hot due to the actions of Foreman John Kolomay. John Kolomay never gets out of his truck to supervise his crew. John is usually in in the crew cab smoking cigarettes and drinking Dunkin Donuts Coffee. John loves coffee and cigarettes. I hope John will enlighten us all about his buddy and pal Tony Laurino and the North District Water Department politics soon. A laborer was refilling a pump with gas, the pump was running. The pump pushed the gas towards two parked cars and totaled them. John knows quite a bit about the Chicago Water Department politics and Donald Tomszak, I guess they will call this an accident. The IDOL and the Chicago Inspector General has been alerted. This is a Chicago Clout Exclusive, thanks for covering Channel 2 News. click here : Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Hey Pat,Who did this to my car?Now that i am homless and broke,and have no money whos going to buy me another car?Or should I just have another poor me,feel sorry for the ( ) family fund raiser?Please if anybody can take up a collection for me to buy another car it would be greatfully appriciated by myself and my wife Ann.We are homeless and I dont want to work cause im truly convinced that I will get my job back.What do you think Patty boy?

    (Response) I am putting this on my site because it is now a matter of record.

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