Chicago Plumbing Nightmare Exposed

Chicago Plumbing Nightmare.jpg
It was brought to my attention, a lady has a little day care center, was robbed of $1800.00. The men told her they know plumbing, busted up the floor, and left this mess. The children were playing in open sewers and smelling deadly gas. The lady keeps the children on the first floor. I am hoping all Chicago Department of Water Management employees would make a nice Christmas for this lady and help her get her house in order. The house was loaded with flies. I am willing to donate all the material, will you donate your Plumbing skills? I think this would be a nice challenge. Photo by Patrick McDonough

6 Replies to “Chicago Plumbing Nightmare Exposed”

  1. Pat,I will contribute also,But first I have to have a fundraiser because I to am homeless and broke.You should know that.Maybe I can sell out my wife and daughters to raise money for this project.Keep me posted

  2. The Chicago Plumber’s Union has a Christmas in April Program. Have the lady call 312-421-1010. She will need a permit. That is a sad story. Thanks Pat.

  3. to hell with that lady, she is getting federal funding for her day care she probally got the money from Unc. and kept most of it and did not give the contractor his money.

    (Response) Would you be a good person and help? For once in your life?

  4. Maybe F. can donate some of the money he stole and borrowed from people.By the way Pat,Where is he pan handling these days?

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