Who is Grabbing Taxpayer's Road Salt Mayor Daley?

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Two pickup trucks went into a Streets and Sanitation Yard and got loaded with Chicago Taxpayer’s Salt. The private trucks were loaded by a large City of Chicago front end loader. None of the men had any City vests, and none of the pickup trucks were from the City of Chicago. None of the trucks had any “M” plates or any lettering on the side of their trucks. Look, this is not rocket science people. I have some more pictures that need to be put in the right hands. These pictures should be sold to the highest bidder. Photo by Chicago Clout’s Inspector General. You got to admire the organization in the Bridgeport’s 11th Ward, these guys are good!!! Patrick McDonough

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  1. Actually, these ‘guys’ are not good.

    They are petty thieves, who consider themselves part of the privileged class of ‘special people’, friends and/or associates of the ruling class.

    They consider themselves to be ‘above the law’, though, we, the taxpayers, know that they are really ‘below the law’, as in so bereft of simple moral values as to hold the law, and the taxpaying public, in contempt and disdain.

    After all, what’s the difference between pilfering supplies from the office and helping themselves to truckloads of street salt?

    Or millions of taxpayers’ dollars?

    It’s all the gravy that the ‘royals’ believe they’re entitled to.

    What’s a few decimal points, between ‘friends’?

  2. Probe target still has city job
    Chicago Sun-Times, Oct 11, 2002 by Fran Spielman
    The brother of clout-heavy trucking contractor Michael Tadin is holding onto an $87,048 job in the city’s Water Department–on a quirky overnight shift that allows him to moonlight for Tadin’s trucking company–more than two years after the inspector general recommended he be fired for falsifying attendance records.

    Thomas Tadin, an assistant to Water Commissioner Rick Rice, was observed by investigators at least a dozen times–for hours at a time- -going to restaurants, shopping, going home and doing personal errands when he was supposed to be supervising Water Department crews working in the field.
    During a six-month undercover surveillance triggered by co-worker complaints, Thomas Tadin was seen leaving his brother’s trucking company, picking up a city vehicle at the 4 p.m. start of his shift and disappearing until 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., when he would return to the Water Department’s Central District headquarters, 3901 S. Wolcott.

    Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris was unable to verify co- workers’ allegations that Thomas Tadin routinely spent the remainder of the night sleeping so he could be fresh for his job at M.A.T. Leasing, his brother’s trucking company. In February 2000, Vroustouris recommended that Thomas Tadin be fired for falsifying time sheets.

    Asked why Thomas Tadin was never fired, Water Department spokesman Tom LaPorte said, “We don’t have any record of that recommendation, so there was no action to taken.

  3. Pat, A question for you, did you take these pictures?
    if you did, then why didn’t you call the “police” and report these “guys” for stealing salt? and maybe send these guys to JAIL?
    **** NOTE *****
    When the CITY snowplows get salt, the Engineer writes the number of the salt truck on his sheet ( enginneers have a sheet they fill out as to how much salt was sent out)why were these trucks loaded anyway? ( was/is the enginneer involved)I would have called 911 and have these “guy” questioned !!
    ****** NOTE *****
    FROM THE CITY! So Pat did you let these guys go? —
    WAIT- WAIT- WAIT, I know you got the plate numbers!!
    Pat,if you did GREAT JOB !!

    (Response) I document, I file, I organize.

  4. 7 December 2007
    Chicago, 7 December 2007
    City of Chicago’s Settlement of Police Torture Case Patterson v. Burge for Five Million Dollars
    The law firm of Ávila & Tomic, LLC, are pleased to announce that we have secured a settlement on behalf of torture victim Aaron Patterson from the City of Chicago and the former police officers who tortured and framed him and secured the false conviction and death sentence. The city, on behalf of itself, retired police lieutenant Jon Burge, and the retired police detectives who served under Lt. Burge, have agreed to pay five million dollars for what they did to Aaron Patterson.

    In 1986, Area 2 detectives, under the command of Lieutenant Burge, wanted to clear the case of the of the Sanchez murders. Detective Joseph Danzl coerced the 16-year-old neiece of another suspect into implicating Aaron Patterson for the murders.

    Mr. Patterson, then 21-years of age, had been a periodic annoyance to the Area 2 detectives. He had been a member of a gang, but he was different somehow; the son of a public school teacher and a Chicago Police lieutenant, Aaron earned good marks in school, restricted his violence to other gang members, and was rapidly straightening his life out by serving honourably in the Illinois Army National Guard and taking the Chicago police examination.

    None of that mattered to the sadistic lieutenant Burge. His now infamous interrogation rooms at Area 2 were torture chambers, where suffocation, hitting suspects with telephone books, clipping electrical leads to suspects’ testicles and sending shocks with a generator, threatening suspects with pistols and revolvers at the men’s heads, and simply beating the men with their fists were all employed to force the primarily African-American suspects into signing whatever false “confession” Lt. Burge and his detectives wanted to clear their cases. Meanwhile, the actual culprits of the crimes were free to continue to prey on the citizens of Area 2.

    Lt. Burge, Sergeant Jack Byrne, and Detectives Danzl, Ray Madigan, William Marley, Dan McWeeny, William Pedersen and James Pienta suffocated Aaron Patterson with a vinyl typewriter cover until he passed out from lack of oxygen, beat him with their fists, and threatened him with a revolver. Eventually, as anyone would, Aaron cracked and signed the false “confession” in order to save his own life. He told his attorney, he told the judge when he was first arraigned, but it was too late. Between the false “confession” and the fake “witness” (who recanted), Aaron was convicted and sentenced to be executed.

    Aaron and spent the next sixteen years proving his innocence, as did the other victims of Lt. Burge. During lost his twenties and thirties to corrupt Chicago Policemen and awaited the executioner’s needle for a crime he never committed. Governor Ryan granted him a full pardon for innocence in January 2003.

    It is unfortunate that Aaron Patterson was abandoned by his former attorneys, the so-called
    “People’s Law Office,” (a private law firm, despite its name) and nearly the entire case. Frank Ávila of Ávila & Tomic, LLC, agreed, at the urging of urban translator, Wallace “Gator” Bradley, to reverse much of the damage to Aaron’s case. Ávila, his partner Ivan Tomic, and their associate David A. Miley, added the Austin, Texas-based, law-firm Barry & Loewy to their team in January 2007. The two firms express their appreciation to Alderman Ed Smith for encouraging the city to end their opposition to compensating Aaron Patterson for destroying his life.


    Ávila & Tomic, LLC, is a Chicago-based litigation firm. Please contact Frank B. Ávila or David A. Miley at either 312-762-5928 (telephone), 312-762-5929 (telefacsimile), 773-671-3480 (Ávila mobile), 312-523-6537 (Miley mobile) or Ávila@Justice.com & David.Miley@NetZero.com

    Barry & Loewy, LLP, is an Austin, Texas, -based litigation firm. Please contact either Carl R. Barry or Adam J. Loewy at 512-852-4321 (telephone) or 512-687-3481 (telefacsimile).

    (Response) I will look into this soon. Nice free ad at Chicago Clout. What has been done to innocent black men in Chicago is indeed sad. Remember, I hope everyone keeps a cool head until a later time. Until the matter completes its full cycle, let cooler heads prevail. Lets hope everyone keeps quiet and avoids the temptation and lets the dust settle. I am proud of Ivan Tomic and Frank Avila. Now is not the time to talk and I hope all resist temptation.

  5. Pat, I was out of town a few days but I am glad to read you still out there uncovering the latest/ongoing corruption in Chicago.

    (Response) Welcome back.

  6. This shit ain’t even a drop in the bucket.

    While this kind of petty theft is wrong, there’s so much ‘legal’ theft going on that it’s almost comforting to see someone who’s only stealing a drop or less.

    Now, if you got info on whole semi-loads of salt disappearing, as in invoices not matching deliveries, then I’d say you got something significant.

    Anyway, who’s to say these boys aren’t gonna use the salt on the sidewalks in front of their city residences?

    Sort of a city service, maybe?

    (Response) You try it and tell me what happens.

  7. Some garbage crews dropping to one laborer

    December 10, 2007
    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter/fspielman@suntimes.com
    Chicago could make greater use of two-employee garbage collection crews — in exchange for premium pay for the one laborer left on the back of the truck — under a 10-year contract advanced today by a City Council committee.

    The agreement calls for an 8.25 percent premium — over and above the laborer’s hourly wage — whenever the city’s Department of Streets and Sanitation decides to use one laborer instead of two.

    “They’ll use their informed discretion as to when and where it makes sense. . . . You can’t expect the same productivity from one laborer as you would from two. But, where there is one laborer — in acknowledgement that [the single laborer] is probably doing a bit more work — that individual will get a premium,” Deputy Corporation Counsel David Johnson told the Finance Committee.

    Johnson said the change was made to give Streets and San “more flexibility” in how it assigns refuse collection crews.

    For decades, Chicago’s garbage has been picked up by city crews comprised of three employees: A truck driver and two laborers.

    The crew size has long been a pet peeve of taxpayers. In many suburbs, private companies pick up garbage with only one employee who drives the truck and gets out to pick up the garbage.

    The previously undisclosed provision for premium pay is part of an unprecedented 10-year agreement with 8,000 members of the building trades. In exchange for labor peace through the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Mayor Daley agreed to lock in the costly prevailing wage for the next decade.

  8. got the following off of Craigslist Chicago rant & rave.

    Mayor Daley’s cowardly ass is going to run his administration right into the ground. This would actually be better for Chicago. Despite making Chicago a clean and tourist friendly environment, the city is still a mess and saturated with crime. He simply needs to have John Burge convicted and the Blacks will leave him alone. I think Burge has major dirt on Daley making Daley do everything in his powers to keep Burge off the stand.

    It’s only a matter of time because I know for a “fact” that the New York Times is doing a thorough investigation on these allegations and is soon planning to expose this case to the entire world. Daley is now being targeted by outsiders, e.g. Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald, the NY Times and Rev. Al Sharpton who can bring him down only because they have no affiliation to the city of Chicago. I’d bet Jesse Jackson is behind much of this as well.

    I personally believe Daley will at some point in his life see prison time.

  9. It appears the driver is talking on a cell phone, isn’t that also illegal in Chicago?

    (Response) You get a Gold Star!!!!

  10. “I personally believe Daley will at some point in his life see prison time.”

    If there is a God, he will.

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