Alderman Howard Brookins Runs For States Attorney

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Please enjoy this picture of Alderman Howard Brookins and my daughter Brigid McDonough. Alderman Brookins is hoping to be the next States Attorney after Dick Devine. I know this race is up in the air, but good luck. Photo by Patrick McDonough

10 Replies to “Alderman Howard Brookins Runs For States Attorney”

  1. Patrick, nice to see that you do not have a problem with your daughters jungle fever.

    (Response) Future leaders learn from current leaders.

  2. well you certainly have good genes…..brookins is another dishonest politician. he only approved an 87.4 million dollar development on the southside because his newly young realtor wife was given the exclusive realestate sales contract to sell all…ALL…ALL the newly built homes at full commission. and brookins plays dumb and says he’s not rteally sure when his wife got those contract agreements. who the hell is he b@#%&*^*$ing.he plays stupid.when an alderman makes decisions based on thier own pocket book then they don’t work for us anymore. if he wants to play dihonest like that then he should go into the private sector.I personally donate 25% or more, of my income to help inner city blacks who are transitioning from drug addiction to a normal life. So my complaints are not hippocritical, i really care what happens. and I plan on opening a recovery center for addicts on the south side this spring. several people have laughed at me and told me that daley don’t want me opening a center to help addicts on the south side, he wants all them people out of there. I have heard this quite often now….someones gotta help them. daley just pushes the problems out of the city. well these are’nt problems, these are people. and any democrat should be ashamed to support this mayor. I loved this mayor until 2001. and I know i’m not alone. the only reason he was re-elected was due to complacency. but I will share a true gut feeling with you. this mayor will be out by the next election. if jackson don’t succeed him, and I really believe he will, then he is going to fall the way that john stroger did, (may his soul rest in peace). you can’t drive a 1938 ford that has 375,000 miles on it at 120 miles per hour and expect it to not blow an engine. although there may be bad in people, at some point good does prevail. this city has lost 80,000 blacks in the last 7 years and these schools that daley wants to close are all in black neighborhoods. you watch him fast track these closings so he can get rid of a ton more blacks before his next election. he wants to get rid of as many jessie jackson jr. supporters as he can. chicago is at a turning point. daley will not be in office another term. why…barack obama will see to it that jj jr. gets in. good night and thank you for your website at chicago clout where I can vent all my frustrations. This site is real good therapy you know that.

    (Response) you need spell check and reality check!

  3. Sorry, Patrick, you’ve just proven that you’ll sell your approval dirt cheap, in this case, for a pitiful photo op with one of your kids.

    Or are there other reasons you’re touting Brookins?

    (Response) Easy on smoking crack!

  4. spell check my ass!!! needs to cut his fingers off. stop wasting our time. junior wont be any less corupt. new blood is needed. run 11 run!!!

    than let him run against and vote and elect
    the real reformer

  6. “(Response) Easy on smoking crack!”

    Now, what would a nice catholic boy, such as yourself, know about smoking crack cocaine?

    Or about what it will actually take to put a dent in our local political corruption machines?

    Like, maybe, a County State’s Attorney completely devoid of any connection to the Crook County Democratic Party of Thieves?

    Which, as if you didn’t know, ain’t an accurate description of Brookins Jr., or Milan, or Allen, or Suffredin, or Alvarez, or even Brewer.

    So, where’s the photo op pic of you and Peraica?

    (Response) I am getting fat. I try to stay on the other side of the lens. Pat

  7. Haha j******! You know the race-baiting mealy mouthed deadbeat who doesn’t pay his rent, hates the police and makes Mayor Daley sound eloquent? Your boy Brookins lost!

    (Response) Brookins makes about $100,000.00 a year as Alderman. That does not include his other income. Howard always acted like a Gentleman to me and my family. I am proud of his effort.

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