2 Replies to “And so you watched this happen and did nothing?”

  1. Wow! Mikey M. thought something hinky was going on and all he did was stay away from the action. Well, we now know where Lisa gets her look the other way talent. After all, she refused to investigate the Mayor’s destruction of Meigs and yet the FAA held the city liable for misappropriation of federal funds. So far, no investigation has been done into what must have been illegal contracts between the city and the companies hired to dig up Meigs.

    (Response)Thanks for the comment, well written. Many people just accept Daley and the Mob. I do not. You should not. Keep fighting.

  2. We, here in Crook County, should start the ball rolling, by electing Peraica as our next State’s Attorney.

    A Republican Crook County State’s Attorney?

    Why, that’s blasphemy, of the most egregious order, you say?

    Why, no, not if you think about it.

    Who, but a Repulsive Republican, is better suited to aggressively pursue those whom the Feds seem unwilling, or unable, to?

    And, at the first opportunity, elect a similar Republican as our Attorney General, replacing Madigan’s adopted offspring in Springfield.

    Keep the State Legislature a majority of Democrats, and you’ll have the closest thing to a balanced state government as we’ll ever see anytime soon.

    The Chicago City Council is unlikely to be anything but a Democratic rubber stamp, as long as Daley, Burke, et al remain unindicted.

    A Republican Crook County State’s Attorney will address the lack of interest, exhibited by the hand-picked likes of Devine, in pursuing the well deserved indictments we’ve all been waiting for.

    Whoever the Democrats end up with on the General Election ballot, Peraica is the only choice that makes sense, if we truly want those who’ve avoided answering for their many fraudulent acts brought to justice.

    Start by electing Peraica the next Crook County State’s Attorney.

    Then, sit back and watch, as the dominoes begin to fall.

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