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I made earlier posts on Chicago Clout regarding the Shakman Settlement; I hope you take the time to review. I explained prior, there would be many upset workers that thought they would get the $100,000.00 maximum. Many Chicago City Workers deserved the highest amount. More will be posted on the ins and outs of the settlement soon on the Shakman Monitor website, click here: a posting will be made in a day or two and than in about three weeks to a month, so please keep informed. I am sure many of you will continue to have deep anger and hate, but remember the deal was a pig in a dress from the start. Many workers did not fill out the paperwork correctly, lacked detail, and many employees withheld information as they wanted to avoid retaliation. Some employees were not informed until the last minute. Some employees had access to records and some did not. The bottom line is Noel Brennan had to do the best she could with what she had. The employees that wrote, “Just look at the overtime”, might have meant it was so obvious all she had to do was look at the difference in the paystubs. I think if the settlement names and amounts are revealed, people might attempt to a create a conspiracy. If the same bosses are still in power, and they are, nothing will change. If they wanted to change things, everything should have been presented in a public forum. Let the taxpayers know what they are paying for and why. We need an Accord Forum, we need exposure. I credit Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times for her excellent coverage. And for all the guys that are hurt and crippled from the years of dangerous and dirty work, maybe you should have op-ed out. And that guy with thirty three years, set to get a check for $250.00, I am very sorry for you. And the Aldermen mad at Jay Stone?, shut up you knuckleheads, the settlement should have come out of your fat pockets and Mayor Daley’s. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Hey Pat,
    You remember when I told Judge Anderson back on August 29th or so 2007,
    “that nothing is going to change with this ACCORD”
    the only thing that changed was some got big money and some got a Royal Screwing !!! with the Shackman Accord.
    One question has been bothering me Pat. IS THE MONITOR CORRUPT ???? IT SEAMS LIKE IT TO ME. So to recap: the city screws its workers, then the Monitor screws the workers too (alledgely)and when the monitor is GONE, it all goes back to where it was.
    What I would love to see is, take these people that got promoted ILEGALY out, and replace these with people that deserve the promotion. Do a whole new Promotion with the right way to promote !!!
    Lets take a guy for example like Greg Ortiz,
    he only had a few years (alledgely) and he got promoted to become Foreman,
    well his Father-law is a Vice-President of local 726, DO YOU THINK HE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH HIM GETTING PROMOTED? exactly. So do you think the Monitor should of went to Judge Anderson and told him to do a “REBID” for all that got promotied? but instead she “WHIMPED OUT” and said NOTHING.
    **** Pat, remember the Judge told us Breennon is a smart cookie, she know what she is doing******
    Did she sell the City Workers out? with this settlement? is there some other motive behind what she gave out? Did you hear that her associate SUSAN COX BECAME A JUDGE???????
    WAS THERE A DEAL MADE WITH THAT????? JUST WONDERING !!!!!!!!! It seams like a CIRCLE OF CORRUPTION, when does it end. or should I say where does it end at? I would like to hear what others are saying? “CLASS ACTION”

    I suggest any workers that got a lousy judgement to contact me. You can turn your pennies into dollars and get a large tax break. We are going through the legal ins and out with the IRS as we write.

  2. Something very interesting has happened during the past 24 hours.

    First, CBS 2 Chicago reports that Cook County State’s Attorney candidate – who ran as an “independent outsider” – relied on support from key members of the scandal-plagued Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO) for her recent fundraiser. At that same fundraiser, Ms. Alvarez posed for a photo with fugitive from justice Jorge Montes de Oca – and that same photo appeared on the cover of last week’s edition of El Dia newspaper.

    In a move of shameless desperation, Ms. Alvarez labeled State’s Attorney candidate Tony Peraica a “racist” for “insinuating” her ties to the HDO.

    But, in terestingly enough, Ms. Alvarez confirms those same ties to the HDO in a Daily Herald story this morning. Further, she confirms that not only did HDO leaders Eddie Acevedo and Tony Munoz attend her recent fundraising event – but that Acevedo helped emcee the event!

    And she still hasn’t answered why she posed for a picture with Montes de Oca, a fugitive from justice at the time, who was arrested this week on charges of writing more than $50,000 in bad checks.

    We invite you to watch this troubling situation unfold firsthand by viewing the CBS 2 Chicago report here … and then reading this morning’s Daily Hera ld story.

    These reports confirm what we have known all along – that despite her claims of independence and reform, Ms. Alvarez has consistently relied on support from political insiders to further her political career.

    Let’s look at some interesting tidbits:

    Ms. Alvarez recieves political contributions from major county contractors – mostly law firms – for her Primary Campaign.
    Ms. Alvarez has a pre-election sit-down with Mayor Daley (she confirmed this Fox Chicago Sunday) and scores a “surprising” win in the Daley-controlled 11th Ward.
    We now learn of her support from the HDO – which operates strongly in that same 11th Ward.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the HDO … this troubled organization has long been knwon as City Hall’s political enforcement arm, and was run by indicted former top Daley ai de Al Sanchez. Acevedo is an HDO leader, and Munoz has reportedly been a major recipient of campaign contributions from Hired Truck scandal contractors.

  3. Daley mocks clout reward
    ALDERMAN’S SON | ‘I think it’s silly,’ mayor says of decision

    April 2, 2008Recommend (9)

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
    Mayor Daley today climbed aboard the bandwagon of politicians ridiculing a federal hiring monitor for awarding $75,000 to the son of Ald. Bernard Stone (50th) as compensation for a 2003 aldermanic election stacked against Jay Stone.

    Son of the City Council’s 80-year-old elder statesman, Jay Stone got one of the biggest chunks of a $12 million fund created to compensate victims of City Hall’s rigged hiring system.

    Federal monitor Noelle Brennan believed Stone’s claim that he didn’t stand a chance against then-Ald. Ted Matlak (32nd) because Matlak had the support of a political army of city workers commanded on city time by now-convicted former First Deputy Water Commissioner Donald Tomczak.

    Veteran aldermen have branded the award “outrageous,” calling it evidence that Brennan “doesn’t have a clue.” On Tuesday, Daley joined the parade of critics in his first public appearance after a spring break vacation.

    “Ald. Stone just won. I guess his opponent could say that someone stacked it against her. How ’bout volunteers? You’ve got union representatives. I guess all the candidates that lost will blame the unions and file a complaint against the unions for stacking it against them, taking political money and taking people off of jobs. So, I think it’s silly,” Daley said.

    Brennan attributed the barrage of criticism to the fact that “aldermen and the mayor don’t have access to the same information that I do” about the impact of Tomczak’s army on Jay Stone’s campaign.

    Also on Tuesday, Daley made no attempt to conceal his anger at Chief Procurement Officer Montel Gayles for initially banning convicted felon James Duff from doing business with the city for just three years, before switching to a lifetime ban.

    Duff is the imprisoned head of a mob-connected family who became the poster child for minority business fraud in Chicago after claiming $100 million in janitorial contracts earmarked for minorities and women.

    Top mayoral aides have insisted that the decision to issue the death penalty against Duff and his two co-defendants was made in October 2007, and a letter was issued to that effect by Gayles’ acting predecessor. Gayles neglected to read the file in his haste to clear his desk of long-pending cases.

    “He just should have read the file. The [letter] was in there,” Daley told reporters.

  4. While it may seem to be a fruitless endeavor, don’t give up on voting out of power those responsible for this ongoing flood of corruption.

    Yes, it seems that the majority of citizens qualified to vote in this city and county are brain dead, lazy, gullible retards, but that may be just an illusion, as the real cause of so many, taking so much abuse and doing so little to resist or reject said abuse, is to be found in the apathy born of repeated disappointment.

    What’s the saying, ‘When things get tough, the tough get going’?

    Maybe things are tough enough for the formally apathetic, and resigned to being screwed, to get busy doing what they could have been doing, namely, voting out of office every last Incumbent, every Election, be it a Primary or a General, over and over and over, until those honest citizens who are prepared to govern honestly see that the citizens / taxpayers / voters really aren’t as retarded as they’ve seemed to be, run for public offices, be they Executive, Legislative or Judicial branch positions, and begin to restore democracy to this city, county and state.

  5. noelle brennan is bad also. i was awarded $7000 for 4 yrs. that i got laid off from the city.i worked in the winter and laid off in the summer. i had time over many people but i didnt have the clout they had.she is just as bad as the mayor.this all is a joke from the mayor on down.i had sent in 10 pages of paperwork to noelle and thats all i got, i lost $25000 a year in the summer that i didnt work, so $7000 is what she gave me.they should look into what she did, also she never could have read all the 1400 plus cases in 6 months and time she had, she is a joke and so is the mayor and the city.mark

  6. Brennan is terrible, what a crooked, and / or or not too-bright Monitor to have handling this stuff. I Handed everything to her on a Silver Platter, and she still fouled it all up, maybe it was intentional . Ms. Brennan, myself and my family thank you for doing exactly the same thing to me as the City has done to me and my family for over 20 yrs, screwing us. You are truely a disgrace. But then, as they say; 99% of all Attorneys make the rest look bad. What goes around does come around.

  7. Received a letter in March 2008 that I would receive my settlement within three months.

    Have not heard anything since. Am I still in line to receive my settlement?

    Thank you. Hortensia Nash

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