Good Bye to 2008 Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Queen and Parade.

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Queen.jpg
When I looked back at the photos of the Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day Queens, this young women stood out the most. Why? She has a classic Irish look, light skin and black hair. This young lady reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. If you know who she is, tell her to enter the contest again. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Good Bye to 2008 Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Queen and Parade.”

  1. Why goodbye to 2008 Queen? She still has all of 2008 to go, and she has been a wonderful Queen. Hopefully this girl and all the others could live up to half the Queen Eileen has been!

    (Response) You do not have to thank me for all the newfound attention the ladies are now receiving. The Saint Pat’s Queen was an massive affair years ago. A real large event at a downtown hotel. I hope I have brought some needed attention to contest!!! I am glad you have shown some interest in this matter!!! All the ladies that entered are St. Pat’s Queens.

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