Mayor Daley and James Sullivan Talk at the 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Mayor Daley and James Sullivan.jpg
I was happy to see Mayor Daley talking to James Sullivan, Business Manager of Plumber’s Local 130 in Chicago. It is good for a Union Boss to have the Mayor’s ear. Mayor Daley’s motorcade came screaming up in his fancy gas guzzling Lincoln, lights flashing, and sirens wailing. I was hoping Daley would ride a bike to save gas. I hope everyone enjoyed their Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicagoland. It is a shame Daley will not shake hands anymore. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago's 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Queen Kaitlin Basic of Gaelic Park

Chicago 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Queen Kaitlin Basic.jpg
I approve the choice of the Gaelic Park’s Saint Patrick’s Day Queen. Her name is Kaitlin Basic. The runner up is another stunning Irish Lass by the name of Caitlin Bekta. Thank you to Joe Morrissey for all your help. I must admit the South Side ladies are very pretty. I also hope all the South Side Irish join Gaelic Park, learn more here: Photo by Patrick McDonough

Terrence J. O'Brien President of MWRD 2008 Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Terrence J. O'Brien.jpg
I was again happy to see a Chicago Clout regular Terrence J. O’Brien. I was also pleased to meet his classy wife Julie. I think these two make a happy couple. The young man next to the President of the MWRD might be one of their kids. I was looking for Commissioner Frank Avila and his wife Sherry, but he was out of town and she was at a different Irish event. Thanks for the nice picture President O’Brien. I might add the agency is rather well run. Learn more about Mr. O’Brien, click here Photo by Patrick McDonough

Joliet Police Department at Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Joliet Police at Chicago's Saint Patrick's Day Parade.jpg
This Police Officer seems to enjoy his day away from the Brass at the Joliet Police Department. I see nothing wrong with enjoying the famous Chicago’s Saint Patrick Day all day party. I am glad to report Chicago’s finest did a great job protecting us today. Thank you for the great job Chicago Police officers. Photo by Patrick McDonough