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In Chicago, Patrick McDonough’s name stands for Chicago Clout and the various scandals exposed in the Daley Adminstration. When you think of the name of John McDonough, you think of brilliant leadership at the Chicago Cubs. Now when you think of John McDonough, you should expect his leadership to put some polish on the Chicago Blackhawk Hockey team. If anyone can make it happen, it is John McDonough. If you need tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks, ask someone else. I am going because a McDonough is taking charge. Also expect Bobby Hull and Stan Makita to return to a place of respect in the new team. Make sure you get back to the Stadium, things are on an upswing. Photo by Brigid McDonough.

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  1. I never knew he was that gosh-darnit handsome ———-especially compared to the picture of him in the sewer hole.
    Ok, humor is good, but let’s get back now to the serious politics that effects us all — such as the billions of dollars which the crooked liberal democratic mafia party machine in Illinois is robbing from American citizens!!
    Thank you,
    Honorable Carl Segvich — 11th Ward Republican Committeeman

  2. Why did I put you on the spot Pat?Dont you want to answer the Question?Hell I would be proud of him.

  3. Well we are all wondering and waiting for an answer.Are you related?Its nothing to be ashamed about

  4. Hey Pat, There is some jackass out there pretending to be me. This jackass needs to step up and be in the light, he wants to be like me? step up to the plate!! Hey Pat find out this persons Ip address, so I can meet up with this jackass, they did the same thing on web site too. Help me find this *****less person that wants to be like me, is this person commiting a ID
    fraud? a FEDERAL offense, Pat find out this persons ip address so i can prosecute !!! and I will.!

  5. So, Patrick, re you going to jump onto the Segvich bandwagon, or continue to hold your breath, waiting for honesty to be miraculously bestowed upon the Crook County Democratic Stealing Machine members and their retarded cousins of the Daley RipOff Artists CoOperative?

    (Response) If you want to knock Carl, sign your name.

  6. How did you have the inside scoop on the Chicago Blackhawks. It was in all the chicago newspapers today. Nice scoop.

  7. “(Response) If you want to knock Carl, sign your name.”

    Now how do you figure I’m ‘knocking Carl’?

    And are you going to join Segvich in his efforts to find at least one candidate for every office up for election, to oppose the Crook County Democratic Stealing Machine’s Hack Incumbents in every General Election?

    Are you?

  8. To Mr.Randazzo,I want to take the time to formally appoligzie for my actions and words.As I do not know any of you,I really dont have no reason to say anything.I learned a valuable lesson and did not even realize the severity it may cause.As I said before why I did what I did I dont even know myself,for I have no reason to even be on anybodys website posting things about people I have never met before In my life,Let alone no anything about them.I will never do this again Pat,Bruce and hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for I am Wrong.I belive that both of you are very ifluential to the city and once again I didnt mean nor plan to assanate anybodys character.I will not ever post here or anywhere anymore.I am A coward with no brains and thought nothing of this matter.Hopefully with this post we can squash this.And to Mr Randazzo I am very sorry for any troubles I may have caused,You are a very powerful man with alot of athority and I dont know why I choose your name.I dont even no you,and dont even live in the city,so I have no bussiness puting my nose where it dont belong.I never realized the serveritty of any of this.I really cant answer honestly expect for just being stupid as to why.Please accept this as an apology also.I will never post anything here or anywhere anymore.I learned a valuble lesson

    (Response) Are you nuts or just plain silly?

  9. is big steve ever going to get his job back? you said avilla was working on it. what happened? we need a update on our “chicago football hero” who got wrongfully fired by mayor daley. the cubs could use em. how much does segvich get paid for his new job?

    (Response) All of Steve’s friends abandoned him. Steve never received any fund raiser from any Chicago Department of Water Management employees. Steve Collier thanks to Patrick McDonough, Victor Crown, and Attorney Frank Avila, are close to embarking on a journey to make his return to work, a reality. And to the 11th Ward Dude that just got his job back due to clout and political donations, better watch how he talks to Mr. McDonough, unless he wants to explain under oath his situation, Steve is entitled to get his job back. Carl is getting paid what he needs and wants to get paid. If Carl wants to make it a paying position, he should visit John Daley to learn the ins and outs.

  10. steves did not get abandoned by anybody. the reason the 11th ward has fund raisers is to help people in the community. looking out for one another is not a bad thing. its people who dont have anybody to look out for them that call that act clout. as for my freind how do you expect him to act? he also lost his job,and like you had to fight to get it back. is he not allowed to have a chip on his shoulder. you of all people should allow a bit of leniency. we could discuss this later because i think you know whats up.

    (Response) Remember, I will fight for people that think I am a “RAT” and a “SNITCH” until they get fired for the same action an insider walks away from. I the “Daley Goons” want to pick and choose the punishment and prime overtime and assignment, we will continue the struggle. Amazing how my worth goes up when Chicago City workers lose their job and they have no-one to turn to but me.

  11. Hey Pat,
    It is true, when you get fired for some BS charge, everyone at work gives up on you, they turn their back on you. The UNION, forget about it !!!
    You ask for help, the UNION Say’s “Sorry no one is hiring” that’s BS too.
    I suggest, that when the person gets his job back he/she should also SUE THE UNION for “LACK OF REPRESATATION FOR A UNION MEMBER”- THRU THE (NLRB) NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD OF ILLINOIS. They could sue for attorney fees!!! and damages !!! I will also help anyone get their job back, by referring people to the right way to go- FRANK AVILLA !!!! I wish I had Frank Avila as my attorney!!!! I had ( in my opinion)a JA***SS ATTORNEY NAMED ED VOCI OUT OF OAK PARK. I WILL NOT EVER USE HIM AGAIN. I HOPE NO ONE EVER HIRE’S HIM. But any way I am thinking of writing a book about this BS DALEY CRAP!! what does everyone think!!

    (Response) I suggest you start reading James Laski’s book about Chicago Corruption, and make sure you keep me in mind. Patrick McDonough

  12. It is amazing how you picked the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup this year. Wow. (Response) Simple, I am smarter than you.

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