We need to bring light to Lincoln Park Latin School Soccer Scam

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Chicago Clout had a very productive meeting today with a bunch of very classy ladies. To describe these women I would use words like, attractive, very prim and proper, well educated. You could tell they are very determined to keep Lincoln Park as traditional as possible. They told me quite a different story. I assumed this was some yuppies picking on a bunch of Hispanics that want to play soccer in the park. God knows those rich folks do not need old dodge caravans rumbling into Lincoln Park and Hispanics jumping out to play soccer games and leaving a mess. (What people really think, but don’t say)
This is a story of clout and privilege; this is a story of a wealthy private school, using its powerful connections to use public land for private use. This is a story about giving control of public land to private schools. Latin School is a private school that costs tens of thousands to attend, they brag of 62 different zip codes, children are sent in from all over. This is not a Chicago Public School with poor minorities. Well, who set this deal up Mayor Daley? Who signed off? Is the Chicago Lakefront going to turn into a cheap carnival? Do we want a park of buildings and signs? The reason many wealthy people move to Lincoln Park is for the open area, area we can share. Mayor Daley should stop this land grab now; does he want these citizens to move out of the city limits?
I want everyone to rethink this; the west side of Chicago could use a nice soccer field, after the elite Latin School kids hop onto a bus and return back to school, the poor black and Hispanic kids could use the fine field. Let’s build jobs and industry in the Westside of Chicago, it is their turn. I bet that Lincoln Park Lady in the picture will be famous soon!
Contact http://www.cklpp.org for more information, or call 312-276-5165
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  1. Pat, choose you words carefully. Just because a van full of Hispanics is pulling up to play soccer, does not necessarily reflect that litter or trash will follow, yet in your sentence you are positive that will be the
    end result. Also the video where your preacher uses the words…Barack Hussein Obama…over and over and over, sends the message quite clear, that Obama is a Muslim who can’t be trusted, black or an extreme left winger. Again the Irish have had a long history of slave ownership and truly one of first Arien Nation(The
    Vikings)…so Pat my lad choose your words carefully so close to St. Pats Day.

    (Response) Nice try, I am not a hater, never was. But I do know what people think. Enjoy the website, I hope it makes you think for yourself.

  2. God knows those rich folks do not need old dodge caravans rumbling into Lincoln Park and Hispanics jumping out to play soccer games and leaving a mess. (What people really think, but don’t say)

    Actually sometimes this hold true to some. Its amazing that gangbangers and others demand and kill people over respect when in fact the show no class or respect by littering and tagging others property.

    Hey pat we like the chevy Astro Van better

  3. Don’t forget the point of this. The land was grabbed by a private school for private use.

    The public–that means everyone—will see a big KEEP OUT PRIVATE AREA sign posted. 4 acres of open green space grabbed by a private school. This is the space that is the staging area for the air and water show in Lincoln Park. NOW YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SPACE THIS IS…and you can’t step foot onto it!!! go to the website and read the sign. The city is cloaking this as a “city improvement”.

  4. Daley is always grabbing assets for his friends. Contracts and land. That’s what its all about. But this Latin School/Lincoln Park land grab is VERY IMPORTANT. It pits rich people (Latin School parents and administration)against other rich people (residents of the Lincoln Park area). The residents are fighting for ALL of the PUBLIC , rich or poor, to keep the land grab from happening. If the Latin School wins then the poorer folks on the south and west sides of the city haven’t a prayer of keeping DALEY and his pals from eating up the parks in those neighborhoods in preparation for the Olympic bid. And if the Latin School wins and Chicago actually gets the Olympics then all park land will be subject to some form of privitization. I hope DALEY gets indicted but if Barack wins I don’t think Barack will let his buddy Daley be investigated let alone go to the pokey.

  5. chicagotribune.com
    Residents file suit over Latin School soccer field under construction in Lincoln Park
    Restraining order sought to halt construction
    By Robert Mitchum and Noreen Ahmed-Ullah

    Tribune reporters

    10:11 PM CDT, April 16, 2008

    The fight over a soccer field under construction in Lincoln Park moved to the courts Wednesday, as a residents group filed a lawsuit hoping to put a stop to construction.

    The $2 million field, which is being funded in part by the private Latin School in exchange for priority use of the property, has become a source of rancorous debate in the North Side neighborhood. Some residents said the project was approved without proper public hearings. They also are upset that a public meadow will be replaced with an artificial-turf field.

    Protect Our Parks, a non-profit group of about 20 residents who oppose the project, filed the complaint Wednesday morning in Cook County Circuit Court. The group also will seek a temporary restraining order to put an immediate stop to the construction in a Friday morning hearing, said Thomas Ramsdell, the group’s attorney.

    “This soccer field is an insult to the park, an insult to the community, and we will not stand idly by and let it happen,” said Greta Lear, a spokeswoman for the group, while standing outside the construction site Wednesday afternoon.

    Construction began on the field last year after approval by the Chicago Park District in October 2006; it is scheduled to be finished in June.

    In exchange for paying for the field to be built, the Latin School will have exclusive use of the field for about 25 percent of the time it is open. In February, Park District spokeswoman Jessica Maxey-Faulkner said the arrangement reflects a public/private partnership that benefits the neighborhood.

    Critics charge that the school has reserved the field for its peak times, including weekday afternoons and weekends.

    The lawsuit, filed in Chancery Court against the city, the Chicago Park District and the Latin School, states that no public input was allowed before the project was approved. Ramsdell said such inadequate public input violates city laws regulating construction along the lakefront; the suit also alleged that the Latin School is constructing the field without required building permits.

    Officials for the Park District and Latin School declined to comment on the lawsuit Wednesday.


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