Watch this video by Frank Avila Jr. Learn about Bridgeport Village in Chicago's 11th Ward

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  1. I grow tired of the false mantra that Chicago is better under Daley.

    1. There was an urban resurgence renewal nationwide with New York, Los Angeles, and even Cleveland getting makeovers, less crime, innovative policies. The New York renewal was much more dramatic and change from the status qou under than Mayor Guliani.

    2. Daley (like Clinton) inherited through no work of his own:
    a) a strong stock market
    partially due to
    b) the 90s internet and tech growth some in the form of a bubble.
    Some say that it is because of the internet (which the Department of Defense “invented”) and the fiscal policies under Reagan and the economic growth already started under Bush I–I am not certain if that was true but it is interesting to discuss.

    3. What is UNIQUE, SPECIAL, DIFFERENT that Mayor Daley did not only compared to other cities as mentioned in #1 above but also compared if (I guess at least theoretically or academic) there was a MAYOR
    Washington did not die
    or Sawyer continued on as Mayor
    Eddie Vrdolyak
    Dick Mell
    Don Haider
    Bernie Epton
    Tim Evans
    Ed Kelly
    Ed Burke
    Tom Hynes
    or any host of other candidates.
    Many of the ideas that Daley gets credit for were from others
    flower pots from the late Netsch or Navy Pier from Jane Byrne or the Vietnam Memorial etc.

    4. Daley has been the most corrupt Mayor since William Thompson and the Capone era with insider deals and stealing that is bigger than ever in the history of any city on the planet (maybe absent some gulf oil state)
    Tim Degnan and the jobs and construction deals and trucking.
    Jeremiah Joyce and McDonalds, Haagen Daaz, O’Hare airport, the Cable deal etc
    Walsh Construction, McDonough construction, the Hanleys, the Duffs, and now onto international deal and higher end finance in Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns like Bill Daley, Patrick Daley, Vanecko etc.
    And that is just the Irish from the 11th and the 19th wards. All no bid, and not doing a good job, and obscene profits, no competition, sweetheart deals–let alone the mob connected guys like Tommy DiPiazza, Freddie Barbera, Michael Marchese (buying land for a dollar), the Bridgeport Village scandal, Hired Trucks, Mike Tadin etc.

    5. The Hiring Scandal goes deeper than just patronage or getting a precinct captain or somebody’s cousin a job it goes to:
    a) that Daley lied and said it was a fair system and there were applications, and tests and interviews and Daley lied and it was a farce
    b) Daley did not reward the people who helped him and many people got hurt or cut out so that Daley could consolidate power so the rules of reward by politics were broken which is why there was not more of a defense of Sorich and Slattery or that HDO is so hated insofar as mostly 11 and 19 were taken care of and primarily one ethnic group–Irish.

    6. Chicago has for most of Daley’s tenure as Mayor (with the exception of maybe 2 years out of almost 20 so for 17 years or so and 18 next year) been the murder capitol of the US (and maybe the world outside war zones and certainly the murder capitol of the western industrialized world) of any measurement including percentage and/or pure numbers.
    This with Daley’s crying about gun control constantly and defending police scandals that included police under his leadership hiring other police to kill other police and police running drug rings and supposedly in the past but including in his tenure as State’s Attorney and briefly as Mayor for the 1st two terms or less allegations of torture and not guilty death row inmates (many of whom were career criminals anyway) who had their testicles electrocuted.

    7. If you are monarchist or fascist than it doesn’t matter but if Democracy is important than Daley is the worst example of a dictatorship and not caring about the will of the people than any Mayor in the United States (at least any major city) with no term limits (as have New York and Los Angeles), with unconstitutionally high signature requirements (25,000 which is 5 times higher than governor), strange voting machines with serious questions, and a politically connected election department including the late mother in law of the 11th ward alderman and politically connected lawyer Langdon Neal who makes tens of millions off of government with real estae especially the much abused eminent domain. Daley ripping up Meigs Field (COL McCormick was turning over in his grave), his rants aganst Alderman Fioretti, Joe More, and Brendan Riely are sick, unprofessional and shows Daley has no class.

    If you dig deep into the past of Daley (which the media gives a pass besides maybe occassionally Tim Novak of the Sun Times or John Kass of the Tribune) there are stories of the Fireman Quinn being the bagman and the Daleys pushing out the girlfriend and having Quinn sign everything over on his deathbed.
    The Daley investment into the Nuclear plants that ComEd bought out raised some eyebrows never to be thought of again.
    Richie Daley failing the bar exam and Vrdolyak bragging he got it fixed with Cecil Partee.
    Allegations about the personal life of Bill Daley.
    John Daley marrying the daughter of mobster and bookie Mary Lou Briatta and John Daley getting all the Hired Truck insurance and much other insurance but he had his insurance exam fixed that he could not pass it.
    Michael Daley at Daley and George on so many Chicago deals.
    Patrick Daley and his cousin Vanecko on the MSS (and other) deals or the past with the incident in Michigan where the kid went to the hospital after being baseball batted Bridgeport style (the same type of behavior which got Frankie Caruso–Tootsie Babes son a felony attempted murder) and other allegations of violence that have been covered up–but all you get is Sneed articles about how handsome Patrick Daley is or Bill Daleys birthday or how he is so great at some investment bank that would never allow any other John Marshall grad and bar failer.

    Daley is corrupt, petty, mean spirited and lacks class.
    Chicago is a great city in spite of Daley, and not because of him

  2. Sounds like buyers remorse. The property speculators game is not for everyone. The object is to buy low and sell high..not buy high hit a mortgage crisis and when not able to sell. Tell the bank and the press that the house is not livable. Give me a break, where was his home inspector? 1 million dollars + and he is going off his knowledge of construction.

    Better luck next time Jose.

  3. I just watched the whole video of this crooked bunch including John Daley and yes mayor Daley. They all were partners in this fraud. The feds have to have a bite of the apple by now. Please keep it up Pat, and this Avila is a wonderful man. Now please escalate this to become a movement to indict this entire administration. What crooks that Daley bunch is. Amazing, simply amazing. And they want Obama to be president. God help us. it will be exposed about the crook and the muslim Obama is. I’m shocked. Really shocked and dismayed at this fraud. The city is on the hook for over 200 million dollars on this one.


    “daley is corrupt, petty, mean spirited and lacks class.”

    after all is said and then about all the daley’s political liberal mob misfeasance, non-feasance and malfeasance, it’s just simply telling that he absolutely is empty of CLASS.

    you can forget,for a minute, all that criminalistic behaviour and money scams like a typical sticky-fingered politician, and just see who he is by the fact that he

    “Daley is corrupt, petty, mean spirited and lacks class.”


  5. Bravo on overturning the gun ban by the supreme court today!. I could care less about the issue behind the ban and the overturning. I’m happy that Daley is furious and lost a major pet issue of his. Lets hope he loses a lot more issues from this point on. Bravo!

  6. My compliments to Frank Avila for his insightful programs and to Pat McD for making them available on Chicago Clout.

  7. No offense but you may want to ask people to proofread their statements before you approve them. This is because some of the sentences were not well articulated when stating factual information. Daley likes to tap dance around questions when they’re direct and to the point because he knows his tail is up against the wall.

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