Chicago Water Department Operating Engineer Assaulted

Water Department Wars.jpg Today at around 8:30 a.m. a group of Chicago Department of Water Management employees were visited by the Chicago Police. I was exiting a restroom and was faced by two of Chicago’s finest Police Officers. Both the Police Officers were demanding to know what happened and why. The best I can make of it was Saul “The Jew” Charak, an Operating Engineer of Local 150, was physically assaulted by a much younger laborer. Saul is a very nice man of 67 years of age. The City of Chicago has a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to workplace violence, unless you have Clout. Saul has been teased for his strong support of Bernie Stone and his religion. I have witnessed Saul teased for his religion. I hope the Chicago Department of Water Management will investigate this and take corrective measures. Someone should call Senator Munoz and find out who to call at the department to get the matter covered-up! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “Chicago Water Department Operating Engineer Assaulted”

  1. A city of Chicago work site is NO PLACE for religion or politics to be flaunted, he talked himself into his assault. however the idiot laborer should have waited to be off site and have NO witnesses. If he felt the urge to beat up an old man.

  2. Will that phony hypocrite Maureen Egan do something.
    She covered up for gang banger Martin Munoz.

    Maureen Egan should be disbarred.

  3. You can be sure Mr. Cherak didn’t give himself the “nickname”and contrary to what “KEVIN” believes it’s doubtful that he “flaunted ” his religion nor ethnicity.
    Persons in a minority don’t do that ,and especially Jewish people.
    “KEVIN” apparently thinks it’s ok to assault co-workers ,if they happen to be Jews and/or older; JUST OFF-SITE AND WITH NO WITNESSES.
    Without knowing “Kevin”, a reasonable question is-WHICH “PRIVILEDGED” SOUTHWEST SIDE WARD is HE FROM? The same COULD BE ASKED REGARDING THE scumbags Mr. Cherak must tolerate Teasing(harassment ) & ABUSE FROM over his background, in order to earn his living.

  4. The stupid idiot laboror, he should of gotten thrown in jail he is a piece of crap his name is Jake?jack? what a piece of work !!! his parents should be proud !! he beats an old man like saul.

  5. Mr Choi, open your eyes (hahahaha hehehe) I belong to no ward or political organization, however Patrick himself said “Saul has been teased for his strong support of Bernie Stone and his religion.” which in fact means he flaunted those things at work, by doing so he iritated the laborer, whos was stupid to do what he did on a worksite with witnesses, I in no way support what he did to the old guy, from now on when you read stuff on blogs like thgis you should read between the lines.

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