New Chicago Clout Plumbing Show will air soon!

Chicago Clout is looking to do a show on Plumbing in Chicago! This will be a show that explains what the pitfalls of the Plumbing Trade in Chicagoland are. This show will help homeowners get true value from members of Plumber's Local 130. This show will help homeowners avoid phony Plumbers. Two hosts on the suggestion list are Chicago Plumbing Inspectors Pat Haran and Dennis Pienas. Please have them contact Chicago Clout. I am leaning towards Michael McGann. Please give your suggestions for a host of the show. Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “New Chicago Clout Plumbing Show will air soon!”

  1. “How about Dr Phil and he can explore your obsession with Daley?”

    This from a guy(?) who posted as “obsessed with Daley”.

  2. Im a Chicago Teamster of local 726 who is concerned about the recent talk of layoffs in the city. I called the union for some feedback & was told sorry the only option is to be laid off. I insisted the union hold a meeting to determine what the members opinions are & was laughed at. Who’s side are they on?

    (Response) Unions are on the decline in Chicago, Unions have no strength.

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