Alderman "Yasah Mr. Daley" Allen's building violations

Tom Allen 38th Ward.jpg
Alderman Allen is supposed to watch out for his ward. Alderman Allen’s neighbor has a project in the building he shares with a tenant right next door. As you can see by this picture a massive dumpster is parked right in front of the building. Before any work starts a permit is to be clearly displayed in the front window. I spoke with two of Alderman’s staff, Peggy and Rita. I asked what was going and they knew nothing. They assured me they are going to report this activity to the Building Department. I think Alderman Allen make sure the building had a permit as this brings in income to the city. Tom Allen might have turned a blind eye on this project for one reason or another. Tom, please, if you see a dumpster as big as a truck in the front of your building, check for a permit, the city is broke. Do you know who owns this building? The address is 5817 and 5821 West Irving Park Road in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough