Chicagoland Water Main Company goes broke waiting for pay from Illinois Government

I used to work for this company but they went broke. They hired me because they needed a licensed plumber on the jobsite. They were caught by a plumbing Inspector actually doing his job. If you look around Chicago, Mayor Daley is spending billions on private contractors while he readies to lay off Chicago City Workers. My website told you a long time ago Chicago is broke. The debt Chicago has is really well over 500,000,000 dollars. Now is the time to come forward with the truth if you want to save your job. It has been easy being Mayor in Chicago when the money rolled in, now Daley is under intense pressure and will soon buckle. If Mayor Daley fires anyone, I will be proven correct on every aspect of his leadership. I also wrote months ago about the crime wave that would hit Chicago this year, I was correct again. Mayor Daley has new water mains installations going full blast around Chicago. Open your eyes, Daley’s construction pals are making a mint and getting paid in a preferential manner. Times were so good before, Mayor Daley’s son Patrick was in the sewer business. Enjoy Patrick McDonough

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  1. From the SCC blog:


    We all know you read the blog. So, once again, lets go over some tips and clues for you to follow.

    FOI all the District Assignment Sheets by Watch.

    Do not ask for inside and Tactical personnel. Just officers assigned to watches who work beat cars. Watch Assignment sheets they are called.

    There are 3 watches. Look at how many people are assigned to a watch. Figure out 2/7ths of them are off each day for regular day off, then subtract medicals, IODs comp time, and you can get an idea of the real numbers.

    Don’t forget the manpower strengths in each District have not been revised or revisited for over 25 years, too much politics involved in moving officers from District to District.

    The Districts with large beats already have lower crime but the beats are so big that it takes forever to get from one end to the other. (Districts like 4,8,22.)

    Some of the others, like 21, 13, 14, 002, the demographics have changed so much they are most likely overstaffed.

    Some beats in 002 have changed with the disappearance of the high rise projects and no boundaries have been changed or manpower adjusted.


    That is the tip of the obvious iceberg. The majority of the iceberg is always beneath the surface, as we all know.

    This CPD iceberg is the result of years of mismanagement.

    The affirmative, politically correct action appointments. That were then renamed to merit promotions. Some times the same persons being moved up two and three times due to their political connections, clout or whatever you want to call it.

    Those persons in turn move other people they like who are also undeserving dog asses into good jobs etc. Straight days weekends off, take home cars, do nothing spots. (These are the internal Department clout babies)

    The system has become overloaded with this bull shit taking place and it has all been sanctioned by City Hall, indeed pushed by City Hall in most cases.


    These jobs pay big money with big responsibility. He needs to give out so many of those to meet the demographics of the city, pays no attention to their capabilities, just to the politics of the move, what will look good in the community, how will it play with the aldermen and reverends.

    The same principal is played out with the merit promotions.

    Good people are passed by for politically expedient promotions to satisfy the community.

    Well, once again, to Quote the Famous Revered Wright: ‘All those chickens have come home to roost’. The level of incompetence has reached epidemic proportions.

    Kind of like the economic mess the country is now in. We, the CPD, are upside down in our mortgage, we owe more then we can pay. The citizens are the bank that demands payment that we can’t make.

    And who is the secretary of the treasury?


    He is clueless and takes orders from the hall. Just look at all the people he dumped, He was only in place less then a month and made all those brilliant moves promoting ‘I’ve got 5 brothers’ Bea, and Screaming Skull, ‘I know him from the JTTF Task Force Peterson’ to out of their league spots.

    Those promotions came straight from the City Hall Mental Giants.

    The ‘Titanic’ is Sinking and captain Jody is at the wheel. Send out an SOS but it’s too late, the damage has been done.

    I say let the Justice Department come in and take over the Department, at least it will be out of Daley’s hands.

    John Kass, if you read this I know you have balls enough to point all these issues out.

    Thanks for all your support for Mike Mette, that’s one we all owe you buddy.

    10/13/2008 07:57:00 AM”

  2. WOW! 1.8 billion in the red our state is. Everyone can wait for their money except the Olympics. Mayor Daley just gotta have his Olympics. People can starve but Chicago must have it’s Olympics. Bastard!

  3. I believe Neptune did very little biz with state… Most of their work was on the Large buiders tab (ie. Pulte)…To me it looks like horrible management and another victim of the housing bust… As far as Daley making it easy for his construction buds… What’s new?? Even Harold Washington had friends in the biz. This practice will NEVER change.

  4. The only that you were proved right on was that you restated already known facts on budget issue and crime.

  5. Does this guy sound familiar. Imagine a unlicensed plumber working as a plumber. I thought only chicago had plumbers that work without a license. Good to know where McCain stands with Labor.

    ——————————————————————————— staff and news service reports
    updated 31 minutes ago
    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Joe the plumber, American’s most famous tradesman, said he doesn’t have a plumbing license.

    Joe Wurzelbacher said he works for a small plumbing company that does residential work. He said that because he works for someone else, he doesn’t need a license.

    Wurzelbacher was cited by Republican candidate John McCain Wednesday night in the presidential debate as an example of someone who wants to buy a plumbing business but would be hurt by Barack Obama’s tax plans. The Democrat said that his tax plan would only affect people making more than $250,000 a year.

    Wurzelbacher, 34, said he was flabbergasted by all the attention coming his way after the final presidential debate.

    On Thursday, he started his day with an early morning workout and came back to his suburban Toledo, Ohio, home only to find the media wanting to do live interviews with TV networks.

    Reporters camped out by his house overnight and by midmorning there were 21 people on his driveway surrounding him, holding cameras and notebooks.

    He said he was surprised that his name was mentioned so many times during Wednesday night’s debate between Obama and McCain. Wurzelbacher talked about his desire for Americans to be informed voters in November. When reporters asked who he was voting for, he politely answered: “At this point I’m not telling anybody anything.”

    He said Americans want to know about real issues and probably aren’t so interested in ‘Joe the Plumber.’

    “I’m a flash in the pan, I’m not a megastar,” Wurzelbacher said. “I’m not Matt Damon. I’m not any of those guys who have droves of women and men who want to be like them, that say ‘Yeah, I’ll vote for him, because Matt Damon said so’.”

    Meeting in Ohio
    Earlier this week, when Wurzelbacher got a chance to speak with Obama during a campaign appearance in Toledo, he told Obama that his tax plan would keep him from buying the business that currently employs him.

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