Chicago Department of Water Management Job Promotions Still Rigged?

The Chicago Department of Water Management has several promotions that are very nice for the pocketbook. The Sewer division of our Department has two spots up for grabs that pay $45.00 an hour. The Foreman of Sewer Cleaning is a nice job. The bid is worded funny to allow some applicants not members of Plumbers' Local 130. Also look at the Assistant Foreman of Sewer Cleaning bid. This pays $44.25 per hour. All the guys wanted for the promotion have been picked a while ago. This bid is a joke. I am amazed what you overhear at the Department of Water Management. I hope when these guys get the position, they contact the Plumbers Union for their Plumber's License. Ask Tom McManus the procedure and whammy, you are a Plumber! Patrick McDonough

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  1. PAT,

    (Response) I was a sewer-man before I became a licensed plumber. I spent years rodding sewers, repairing sewers, and installing new sewers. I was also licensed and a bonded sewer contractor in the City of Chicago. (Twice) I installed flood controls, lift stations, and separators (Grease and Oil to name a few) I installed all types of pumps, drain tile. I have connected every type of clay, cast iron, and iron pipe currently known. Ask me the hardest question you got, the answer will be easy for me! I can size and design any drainage configuration from a single family home to a massive high rise. I can work a Spartan 1065 better than anyone I know. I can rod a drum trap with a pistol rod with-out taking the plug off. I can rod right from the overflow. I am the best sewer-man working for the City of Chicago, period. I am a better Plumber with-out question than anyone in the City of Chicago.

  2. May 17, 2006

    BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter

    An $85,000-a-year city plumber filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday accusing City Hall of punishing him for blowing the whistle on the Hired Truck scandal.

    The suit accuses the city and former high-ranking officials — including Inspector General Alexander Vroustouris, Water Management Commissioner Rick Rice and convicted First Deputy Water Chief Commissioner Donald Tomczak — of participating in a “conspiracy” to punish McDonough.

    The defendants were further accused of violating the Shakman hiring decree and McDonough’s rights to free speech and equal protection.

    The lawsuit seeks twice the back pay that McDonough lost after being fired for violating the city’s residency rule, a termination that was subsequently reversed by the Human Resources Board. McDonough also is demanding $30,000 in legal fees, reinstatement to “full seniority” and a return to the choice assignment he had before his April 2005 firing.

    Corruption ‘out of control’

    “My life has been a miserable hell. I lost six months of pay. They switched me to another district that’s way south. They changed my shift. They gave me a cut in pay. I’m not a boss plumber anymore. It’s constant harassment. They can’t leave people alone. They can’t let dead dogs lie,” said McDonough, 45.

    “It wasn’t a little corruption. It was absolutely out of control and it was time to rein it in…. I can see if one truck was [just sitting] there. But they had six to 10 semis doing absolutely nothing while they were playing card games. I don’t have the clout to get out of trouble in case we were caught. I thought it was a lot safer to report it. The next day, the person I reported knew about it.”

    City: Fired over residency

    Law Department spokeswoman Jennifer Hoyle said the residency case against McDonough was “based on a thorough investigation” by Vroustouris, who was fired two months after McDonough.

    “The inspector general concluded that he was not a resident of the city of Chicago and recommended that he be fired. That was the sole basis for our attempts to terminate his employment,” she said.

    Hoyle would not comment on the harassment claims that pepper McDonough’s lawsuit.

    McDonough claims the retaliation — in the form of reduced overtime, promotions denied, less desirable assignments and “differential enforcement” of departmental rules — began almost immediately after he alerted Vroustouris to corruption in the Hired Truck program.

    Instead of cleaning up a program that paid clout-heavy contractors, some with ties to organized crime, to do little or no work, Vroustouris “tipped off the targets that McDonough was the source of the complaints,” the suit contends.

  3. Well now we get to test the honesty oof Pat in this posting. Pat if these bids exist, please post the bid numbers and I will post the actual bid here for everyone to see.

    Or is this just another made up story of your?

    I find it hard to believe with all of the layoffs plus a few other reason I will post if you dont post the bid numbers( Hint they are on the bid sheet).

    (Response) Prove I am making this up, and whammy, bammy, you are superman! Get to work slow poke!

  4. (Response) Prove I am making this up, and whammy, bammy, you are superman! Get to work slow poke!

    Ok Pat Here how I think you are making this up.

    1. You wont post the bid numbers

    2.The bids are not in the book in City Hal Room 1100

    3. The bids are not on the electronic bid list on the website(There is no way the monitor will allow a city department to hire without it being posted)

    4. Your past history of making up stories

    Wham Bam you da man.

    (Response) Find it yourself chump, guess they did not let you know about the big raise. Call your clout, when in doubt.

  5. Response) Find it yourself chump, guess they did not let you know about the big raise. Call your clout, when in doubt

    If it does not exist, It can be found. Just goes to your credibility or lack there of? I now sure what you mean check with my clout since I dont have any.

    Pat you must really be out of touch times are a changing. In favt you may not be aware that the lawyers who are defending in the City employees you and your associates have sued are employing new ways to deal with these suits such as:

    reopening you residency, looking at your blog to find things to question and reviewing your associates/lawyers outside interests using real investigators.( not Victor Crown and his googling methods) You be surprised whatthey have found so far and will be used at the appropriate time.. Happy Turkey day.

    (Response) When you go to a knife fight, show your knife. When the fight starts, unpack the real goods! Never show everything. Save the best for last. This is not my personal fight, many fight as one.

  6. Pat,

    they wont bring a knife more like a tank to your knife fight.


    (Response) The whole City of Chicago will judge both sides and decide the results.

  7. Still wont give out the bid numbers. Pat in the real world you make a accusation you need to back it up. It is not up to others to prove you wrong.

    I see how to deal with you. challanged your claims and you change the subject or say prove it. Bottom line thses bids dont exist since they are not published.

    You issue with overtime, there is a solution its called look at the labor/contract for the proceedure.

    As for many fight as one that might explain the comman logic:

    get caught violating workrules, before you get disciplined, claim you are a whistleblower though the poeple who caught violating rule had no knowledge of what you might be whistleblowing, claim it is retaliation.

    Well here Pat you must prove your case not the otherside disprove it. However you and your associates keep yelling whistleblowing to deflect from the under lying wrong doing they were caught doing. Good luck Pat because your credability is non existant.

    (Response) I allow you to post here, I allow you to disagree. I have to proof and will hand it over in court. If you missed the job blame yourself!

  8. What abot those brothers both inspectors ????? I heard one or both are married to Chicago Police Captains. What is it???? The Kenny’s. are they related to the family or not?????? Patrick and Kevin.

    (Response) I do not know.

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