You ain't got Clout in Chicago when it snows? Mayor Daley on thin ice!

Chicago Side Streets.jpg
If it snows in Chicago and your side street looks like this, you do not have clout. Mayor Daley was skating on thin ice again when the Department of Streets and Sanitation failed to clear side streets. One of the Chicago Department of Water Management Operating Engineers was on ABC Channel 7 News as he was concerned about the lack of salt near Chicago schools. (Phil Sandburg) Many people know I get worried and lose sleep when kids are near intersections and a car could slide and hurt or kill a child. I am going to make sure Mayor Daley knows he should double salt any area our children are in. Kids do not have clout because they never learned to take a portion that does not belong to them. It does not take long to understand Clout in Chicago; just watch your tax money wasted on Daley’s friends and family program. Everyone pays tons of money in Chicago for taxes, time to clean the streets and avoid lawsuits. Photo by Patrick McDonough