Chicago's hometown President Barack Obama receives advice from Mayor Daley

President Obama stated “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” The second when those words were uttered, I thought of Mayor Daley and his band of goons. John Kass had an article about this first, I was too tired to write it down that night and beat him to the punch. Mayor Daley has spent a great part of his leadership in Chicago enjoying the benefit of a good economy. An idiot can rule with a full treasury. During the times of plenty, Mayor Daley spent like a fool on a mission, his only recourse when the economy soured, was to sell our assets. The Mayor speaks of doom and gloom now as if it was not his fault to store for a rainy day. There is every single politician taking credit in times of plenty and placing blame in the downswing. The truly greatest farce in Chicago was Mayor Daley allowing fraud and construction mismanagement, building inspectors sworn to protect the taxpayers allowed decrepit and substandard building. Homeowners went all out to purchase a home they could ill afford and could not maintain. Mayor Daley and the building department could have slowed construction down to a manageable level and make sure a controlled amount of construction and permits were issued. Supervision of Inspectors in the Building Department was lax a best. I remember when old man Daley was Mayor of Chicago during the tough times, he told the boys to “make it up on the streets”. I think Mayor Daley has no business giving President Obama any advice. Knowing how to corrupt an election and control power is one thing, look at the level of leadership by one of Mayor Daley’s henchman Scott Loeff. (pictured above) I hope President Obama leads this country out of the mess it is in, but listening to Mayor Daley and the other leaders that got us in this situation makes no sense at all. I hope Obama makes right all the wrongs done to the African-American community, gives a fair amount of good union jobs to blacks, all Americans should profit in honest leadership. I hope and pray Mayor Daley thinks outside the box and retires, his thoughts and actions inside the box has shuttered thousands of businesses and leaves the poor and homeless with nothing. Photo by Charles Walker, alleged victim of Scott Loeff. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Pat, mayor Daley is the type of person who can throw a brick through your window while you watch him do it and he will insist it was a bunch of gang bangers even though you took digital video’o of him throwing the brick. He announced a great new woman to consolidate the social service agencies all under one roof. The press conference made this new boss over this new dept of consolidation sound like a hero and an awesome thing he was doing for the poor and homeless. But what i heard was, is that the mayor was laying off 240 employees in these social service agencies. sad, just sad. His crooked friend has destroyed the christian Industrial League just to make a profit. SICK, AINT IT?

  2. I have given David Hoffman, Chicago Inspector General 120 days to respond to the building department/land use & litigation department lies and corruption. And the city lies and corruption were made for President Obama’s Senate office regarding a building inquiry. I know will you find this hard to believe- Mayor daley never got back to me on having the Rental Ordinance having to apply for all. The only way things are going to change is through a judgement. Sue the city.
    (Response) Who is your lawyer?

  3. Thinking of Mayor Daley and his boys, I sincerely hope that President Obama extends the warm and friendly hand of Patrick Fitzgearld and Noelle Brennan for the foreseeable future.

    YES HE CAN!!!

  4. he should have slowed down construction? are you serious pat? when you point out things he may have done wrong im with you, but when you say stuff just to hate on him you sound dumb. turn this page into one that helps and not hurts.
    (Response) Massive amounts of construction was completed without proper inspections. Homeowners in Chicago will pay for this for decades. You cannot make a silk purse from a sows ear!

  5. Pat, Everyonce in a while you make sense, but you are totally off base with this blog. To slow down construction would have put union employees out of work. And, at what time do you slow construction?
    (Response) Unions need to enforce the jobs they have given up to non-union companies for cash. More on this later.

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