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  1. Aldermen want to strengthen City Hall’s watchdog
    March 9, 2009 7:31 PM | No Comments
    Several Chicago aldermen will announce a new effort Tuesday to expand the power of City Hall’s inspector general, calling for the removal of a long-standing prohibition against internal investigations of aldermen.

    The measure also seeks to guarantee a much bigger budget for the inspector general and set up an independent panel to pick three finalists the mayor would be required to choose from for the job

  2. There can only be one of two reasons why the alderman all of a sudden out of the blue want to have the power to assign an inspector general. 1. The alderman are serious about reform and are tired of the power Daley has and they want to insure that he is now properly investigated and indcited. or 2. A Daley hack came up with this idea in order to get rid of the current inspector general because he is getting too close to Daley and his son, by the way, HEY! HAS ANYONE SEEN PATRICK DALEY ANYWHERE IN ILLINOIS CAUSE NO_ONE SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO LOCATE HIM? This way Daley can dump Hoffman and blame the aldermen. There has got to be a motivating factor here. This doesn’t just happen on it’s own without something spurring the alderman to do this.

  3. Produced by Rob Wildeboer on Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Commissioners in the city of Chicago just do what the mayor tells them to. That’s the argument defense attorneys made yesterday in the trial of former Streets and Sanitation commissioner Al Sanchez.

    To give an insider’s view of how city jobs have been traded for political work, prosecutors called another former city commissioner to testify. John Kosiba outlined how political workers’ names got passed up the chain to IGA, the Mayor’s office of Inter Governmental Affairs, and then jobs were handed back down.

    But under questioning from defense attorneys, Kosiba said IGA wanted to know about the political work of applicants for city jobs, and they would have been upset if he didn’t give them that information. And he agreed that commissioners like himself, and by extension Sanchez, are appointed by the Mayor and could have lost their jobs if they offended IGA, or any other part of the Mayor’s office.

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