Why Chicago Clout does what it does! Thank you note!

Dear Pat:
"Thank you for your assistance in resolving my employment issues with the City of Chicago. Without your input and resources available from Chicago Clout, the outcome may have been far less favorable. Political feudalism and entrenched factions have poisoned the work environment for many City of Chicago workers. Many of us have suffered irreparable harm being targeted for termination due to our rejection of the status quo and omnipresent corruption.
Over a century ago, our Union forebearers bound together to fight for better wages, working conditions, and to have a voice on the job. Today Chicago Clout serves in the finest tradition of those who have went before us, encouraging workers to speak out, and to be free from fear and retaliation in the workplace."

4 Replies to “Why Chicago Clout does what it does! Thank you note!”

  1. Pat, you aint nothin till u put Daley behind bars! Get busy buddy, your job aint finished.

  2. Thank you Pat and Chicago Clout. I turn to your site for reality checks and contact information. My tenant work showcasing city corruption has made it to federal court. The city, no shocker, is trying to dismiss my claim. I want nothing dismissed without the city showing what proof the codes and ordinances were enforced. I am no believer in using tenant groups and tenant attorneys because their work does not bring change. I always contact the city and the county. So I question how a city attorney can dismiss my claim when all I have done is (i do email)show what I uncovered, show the city responses, and even scan city and county documents. Even a tenant not covered by the Chicago Residential landlord Tenant ordinance that should be changed to include all renters can not be protected by the state’s Illinois Retaliatory Eviction act- when the city either ignores 311 calls or dismisses all violations from city building cases. I need to tell the federal judge that I alerted the city from day one and the city wanting to dismiss my claim is the city trying to dismiss the lies and the corruption. I will fight to not let this happen. And I hope Chicago Clout will keep writing amazing articles and letting folks know that we have a place to share our experiences and also DOCUMENT the municipal crimes. Thanks again.

  3. Do you really think anything is going to change? Come on untill we see people go to jail ! Look at mike he gets appointed to a job that other plumber want. Why is mike so special? Alderman Banks? We should ask the Alderman banks a question as to why he backs up mike? Is it because Mike buys 2 tables at a so-called fund raiser??????? Maybe we should ask the monitor, or even JUDGE Anderson? Or even the news media !!!!!!!! That would work!!!!! Yeah I am gooing to call.

  4. Pat writing thank you notes to yourself again
    (Response) Sorry?, I was waiting for yours, it never showed up!

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